Alexandr Vinokurov congrats

Congratulations, Mr Alexandr Vinokurov.

MrGrunty and I were on the sofa, watching the Men’s Road Race. Thankfully they played the last 20km of the race without interruption. We were captivated, shocked and surprised by the crash near the end. Those athletes are brave. And, I like how the break away leaders need to use teamwork with the competitors to keep ahead of the pack.

Thrilling stuff.

I also am glad that MrG got to witness, and I also explained, that all the other riders after the race congratulated the winner.

I asked MrG if he wanted to be a bike racer.

“No, I want to be a baseball player.”


Now… my ranting…I really don’t wanna be sucked into watching the Olympics. One reason is that NBC is a stoopid network, …they just showed a time delayed swim qualifying heat. Why, because Micheal Phelps was in it. Look, congrats to Phelps, he’s amazing, but a qualifying heat doesn’t really qualify as high drama…(unless of course the favorite doesn’t qualify!)

However, NBC knows me…because after Mr Vinokurov’s win, they said, “next up, US Women’s Basketball…volleyball…”



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