Yesterday… we went to birthday party for third grader from church. MsSqueaky had made a necklace for the birthday girl, and when she opened it, she put it on right away, making MsS very happy.  MrGrunty was super thrilled to be playing soccer with the big kids, he was cheering when his team scored, fearless about running to the ball (I’m surprised he didn’t get kicked in the face), and was concentrating all the while, focused on the other team, big grin.  MrCuddles, took advantage of the fact there were lots of kids, and distracted parents, so he was always sneaking snacks to eat.   I played soccer a bit, on the girls team when they were outnumbered, and then later for the boys. I would have the team do a huddle, the kids then did a cheer.   MsSqueaky played a bit, but wasn’t really interested. (Later, she and the little sister chased me around the yard with snakes.)   By the end of the day, we had kicked three balls over fences… and then I did something foolish. I challenged the third graders to a game of freeze tag.    I am sore today. I didn’t have a chance against them.

Later, I was out playing what MsS called volleyball, but I think it was catch with a foam soccer ball. She had 10 and I had six points. So she won twice, she told me.  I was super happy that she did two sport things, for a decent amount of time. I really feel athletics, mind/body control, dexterity, are very important learning skills for kids. And are another avenue for social skills.

Today…  Church… talking about Jacob marrying Leah & Rachel.  Take away… who hasn’t felt like Jacob, the taken advantage of employee who doesn’t get what he was working for?  Who hasn’t felt like Leah, the one no one wants?  Like Laban, trying to control everything and it all ends unhappily?  Like Rachel, and not being able to have what you want most?”   (I’m noticing, Pastor Sandy will often get me to see through the eyes of a character, or see myself in them.  I never really knew that I can be like that “drama-queen” of Jonah!)

After lunch, I got a cookie. Offered one to MrCuddles. He took two. Ran away, and ran up stairs to his sister to give her a cookie.

Then off to Bainbridge Island for picnic/party of a co-worker’s lab.  I missed most of his lesson about his bee hives, because the childrens were too busy having a hay fight.  But later, I got to drive the tractor, and each of the childrens got a turn to drive and steer it. MyBetterHalf got to ask an endocrinologist about the character from Middlesex.


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