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30 August, 2012

Saturday, we went to the zoo, as invitees of the place that did the IVF procedure for us so many years ago. I guess they do an event every year. So, standing in line, waiting for hotdogs, got to listen to people talking about infertility issues with complete strangers. I know they were strangers, because soon after the IVF talk, they would ask, “so how old are your kids?”

When we got home, we figured out that we missed about half the exhibits. But, at least we saw what the childrens wanted to see:

  • MsSqueaky – elephants
  • MrGrunty – giraffes
  • MrCuddles – horses

I knew it was a success, when Tuesday night, while sitting on the deck, the children approached me. “Papa, do you want to go to the zoo? We’re zoo workers.”

  • MsS – “You wanna see the baby elephant? Her name is Bakey, she’s five.” (And MsS pretended to pick up the baby elephant, and hold it in her cupped hands, walking slowly towards me.)
  • MrG – “You wanna see a reptile? Here baby reptile. He cant bit your finger, his mouth is this big.”
  • MrN – “The gate is not open.”

sporty weekend

19 August, 2012

Both Saturday night & Sunday night, the family went down to the elementary school to play sporty things.

MsSqueaky, still wanting to be a monkey bar master. She went to a set, she’s never done, tried multiple times, and then, tried again, and I was there, watching her. I would have thought her hands would be sore, but she kept going. She would swing her body, to get a bit of inertia to help grab the next wrung. Then only three wrungs left. I started cheering her on, no longer would she look at me and smile, as she had done early in the monkey bars… I counted down, two…one-and-a-half… only one left. And she was done, and grinning, and I grabbed her, hugged her tight and spun around with her until we were dizzy.

MrGrunty, practicing with the baseballs & bats, loves to make the bat “ding” when he hits it. I am proud of him, and told him so, that when his brother or sister want to practice batting, that he will be the catcher. I tell him, that helps you learn more, and helps them get more hits quicker.  He and I discussed a way to play catch in the front yard, because we have to limit our activities now, considering he’s using a real baseball, and we live on a hill, and there are windows, and  he…actually WE don’t have perfect control of the ball. We will do easy, close, under-hand catch. For some reason, he turns every playing/catching into a contest where one can get points and win. It’s kinda cute, but I do worry a bit.

MrCuddles did some swinging at the ball (big plastic, big plastic bat), and every time he misses, he exaggerates, “oh man” or “I just missed it”. He has gotten better this summer. Earlier, there was no connection on where ball was, and when he would swing. Now, at least he’s getting close.

Tonight, the family raced across the soccer field, several times. For some reason, the parents never won. Then, they did hurdles over our arms. MyBetterHalf played soccer with them. Played catch with the twins.

Other sporty stuff… we went to BounceHouse B-day party for a friend of theirs from Church. I was proud of MrCuddles, last time he had to be coaxed up the slides, and would only go solo on a few bounce items. This time, he was going solo, climbing ladders, jumping over and off of stuff, trying his best to keep up with the big kids. One of my favorites, MrG & MsS were at the bottom of a slide, “where’s Cuddles”, and just then, his blonde hair, big grin, shining face showed up at the top of the slide. “Wait for me,” he called, as he slid to the bottom.

TV sporty stuff… they were introduced to archery, handball, and trampoline from recorded Olympic coverage. (Srsly, the include trampoline but took out softball & baseball??)

And we went to Church.

And we went to sandcastle contest at Richmond beach.

Yes… we had bits of tired & cranky.




Family Reunion part 1

17 August, 2012

Thursday, August 2nd, in the morning we took off of the wilds of Spokane. We had to make it out of Seattle before they closed the bridge for the  Blue Angels to practice over the lake. We stopped at a park on Mercer Island and played, watched the jets practice, and…played a bit of baseball. MrG wanted me to go ask other kids to play with us. We went together, I did the asking, and when the kid said yes, I told them to go ask their parent. MrG was getting frustrated that the kid, only four, was not a good hitter, and even worse, when the kid wanted to pitch, MrG got very frustrated.

Friday, was day of fun at the Waterfront Park, you know the place of the 1974 (?) World’s Fair Exhibition. We basically split up, me & MrCuddles spent the day together. Sometimes we would be with everyone else, other times just he & I.  The first thing the childrens went on was a Plane-ride, only for kids. They each got their own plane, circled around, and could use stick to go up or down. It was very cute, MsSqueaky was in the air, and shouting down, “Grunty, get the stick if you want to go up!”  She cheered when he figured it out.  I took MrCuddles on his first roller-coaster, I was surprised he liked it, maybe even more than me. He liked saying “Weeeeee!!!!”   The Ferris Wheel was a bit scary for me, but, I just concentrated on noticing the tops of the the pine trees… lots of very sappy pine cones. Why is that?  Later, he wanted to go chase sea-gulls, and wander around.  We also went on gondola over Spokane River (wow, it was hot in there!)  and the train ride tour of the park.  Lots of fun.

So, my little niece K, who is almost out of high school, is in a band,  FiveTimesOver, they are earning cash from gigs, and right now are mastering their CD. Yesterday, they were listening to it, and one of the guitarists was grumpy that his really cool guitar harmony parts were lost in the mix. I remember, when I used to think that the guitar was at least equally important as the song. Pro’lly in part from reading the hero-worshipping guitar magazines in the 90s.  But now, I realize that people don’t walk down the street singing guitar parts. (Well…I sometimes do…)

Saturday, Family reunion.  Well, since I don’t like mingling with strangers… I asked the kids, “who wants to play baseball”.  Luckily, a lot of kids did. We tried to make it “fun” focused… no stealing, no strike-outs, let the little kids have a chance. The older kids got it, some of the younger kids were trying to win.  MsSqueaky & MrGrunty were captains, and chose teams, I was usually permanent pitcher, unless one side was down people.  MsSqueaky got bored, and the sun was in her eyes, so she ran off to play with other kids on the playground.  MrGrunty was in heaven, baseball with the big kids. He was cheering for his team and dancing when they got a run, (one of the kids complained, “why can’t he be quiet, that’s so annoying”.  I tried to explain.)  MrG got out a couple of times, once he even cried, but he needs to learn that sometimes you get out. He got a couple of RBI, which his team cheered him for. My favorite part, when he was up to bat, someone said, “move in close”, and MrG, used to my pitching, hit the ball over their heads. “Wow!” they exclaimed. Often, he still wasn’t fast enough to make it to first base, but he still had incredible amount of fun.

Later that night… we played baseball, and other games, in grandparents front yard. MsSqueaky saw a girl across the street, and we went to ask her if she would like to play with us. I am trying to encourage my childrens to be more outgoing than I am.

Sunday morning. Me & MsSqueaky were the first ones awake. She showed me how to dress one of her babies, then I asked if she wanted to draw with me. Side by side we drew a polar bear. I would draw one part, like the nose, and she would do the same. She got frustrated at her mistakes for drawing the feet. Next, she wanted to draw a surprise for me, I wasn’t allowed to look.  She drew a picture of me, riding on a tractor!


1 August, 2012

Yesterday, MsSqueaky was the first one awake. She wanted to play catch, and after a few minutes, asked if we could play basketball! She won by a score of 10 to 6. I warned her next time I would win, but that it will be difficult because of her hustle after the rebounds.

MrCuddles, as soon as he woke said, “I wanna watch the water thing”  meaning Olympic diving.

Last night, MrGrunty sat on the sofa and watched Olympics with MyBetterHalf. They were very cute.