Saturday, we went to the zoo, as invitees of the place that did the IVF procedure for us so many years ago. I guess they do an event every year. So, standing in line, waiting for hotdogs, got to listen to people talking about infertility issues with complete strangers. I know they were strangers, because soon after the IVF talk, they would ask, “so how old are your kids?”

When we got home, we figured out that we missed about half the exhibits. But, at least we saw what the childrens wanted to see:

  • MsSqueaky – elephants
  • MrGrunty – giraffes
  • MrCuddles – horses

I knew it was a success, when Tuesday night, while sitting on the deck, the children approached me. “Papa, do you want to go to the zoo? We’re zoo workers.”

  • MsS – “You wanna see the baby elephant? Her name is Bakey, she’s five.” (And MsS pretended to pick up the baby elephant, and hold it in her cupped hands, walking slowly towards me.)
  • MrG – “You wanna see a reptile? Here baby reptile. He cant bit your finger, his mouth is this big.”
  • MrN – “The gate is not open.”

One Response to “zoo”

  1. Heather Says:

    This was the first time they had hosted an event like this.

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