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first day kindergarten

10 September, 2012

Nope, I don’t remember my first day of school.

MsSqueaky & MrGrunty both woke with smiles, and talking about kindergarten this morning.

We first dropped MrCuddles off at pre-school, and he did great. He ran off to play with friends, and didn’t fuss at all.

At the elementary school, I stood in line with MrG for a while. He wasn’t in the mood to talk, he just was observing. Then MyBetterHalf & I traded places. I gave MrG a kiss, and whispered, “I’m very proud of you” and almost started to cry. MsS was bravely waiting in line, smiled when she saw me. And when I left her in her class, almost cried when I whispered “I’m very proud of you” into her ear.

The parents were allowed to sit in the back of the Welcome Back Assembly. I was impressed with the logistics of moving 450 kids in a quick, orderly, and fairly quietly fashion. MsS & MrG did have a couple glances back and saw me & MyBetterHalf and smiled.



Kindergarten Eve

9 September, 2012

In the morning, MrGrunty & MsSqueaky start kindergarten.

They’ve been to a few play dates, and have met some of their future classmates. And, funny enuff, friends-of-MyBetterHalf have children also starting kindergarten at same school tomorrow.

I’m not emotionally ready for it, and have been avoiding thinking about it. I’m sure at work I’ll be crying in the corner for a week.

Rationally I know that they will be with trained professionals, who will be able to teach them more, and better than I can. Emotionally, I want keep them home and spend all my time with them. But I know, they need to meet new people, make new friends, learn new things, and even the bad that happens, be it on the playground, or in PE,  feelings hurt… all part of growing up. (I just hope that my childrens are not the ones that are mean to other kids…though, I suspect all kids are mean to others at some times.)

They are excited to start kindergarten.

MrCuddles,… he may be throwing a fit. But we’ve been talking up how he can go when he’s five. AND, now he gets to be a “Star Helper” at the pre-school.

Dear God, please be with them, keep them safe, help them grow stronger and closer to You. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.