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20 October, 2012

Woke early, due to Sophie-kitty head butting my foot. Evidently she needed a 6AM breakfast. Stayed up, reading the news…

MsSqueaky woke around 7, waved “bye” to MyBetterHalf who was off for cold and wet 5k. Me and MsS quietly drew pictures, and played puppets.

Later, me and MrGrunty played basketball, to thirty points (we have high scoring games on weekend!) And I was only allowed to swipe the ball, or block the shot three times each in the game. He won.

The Kindergartners had a party, so me and MrCuddles took the bus downtown. We rode the escalators in the tunnel and the mall, had some Indian food, watched busses and trains.

Song of the now

7 October, 2012

Song of the now, in fact the whole family was singing it tonight, is Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. Personally I like the “woo-OOOooo” parts. I like the bridge. The talking is deadpan great. Perfectly produced pop song.

Other contenders… I hate to admit, but I like Pink’s “Blow Me One Last Kiss” …but recently been singing along with, “just when things can’t get worse, I had a shit day…”

The happy song of the now, Colbie Calliet, ” Brighter than the sun”.