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25 November, 2012

Got a last minute request to teach Bible class… only one of  “my” students (early elementary) was there…but I had a few high school kids audit the class. Needless to say, I don’t think I connected with them all. I did notice, that the youngsters became considerably more shy around the big high-school kids. Sigh.

We went to the school, to play for a few minutes before my good friend from the-long-long-ago visited. MrGrunty & I played a bit of catch, a bit of pass the soccer ball & a bit of basketball. MsSqueaky, we did monkey bars. MrCuddles had me be the Grumpy-old-troll on the bridge.

Robyn visited. Don’t know if I have mentioned, but I started living with her, kinda as a joke. She and another friend were making plans, and I said, “I can live with you too!”  They said sure, and me, being a college kid, would never ask twice to living with two beautiful college women.

So we played catch up…told old stories, MrCuddles charmed her and gave her M&Ms…

Bed time, MsSqueaky was asleep before the lights were out.

MrGrunty, was loudly singing pop songs, I told him stories of me playing soccer. He’s been sleeping on the floor in MsS room, due to the fact that he gets more sleep there.

MrCuddles,…galloping around the house. That boy is an energy vampire. MyBetterHalf was getting a bit frustrated with him, and when she was finally leaving his room, Mr-Oliver-Kitty tried to scratch her. MrCuddles, only stayed in bed a minute, then was out to give me a hug and a kiss and get water.

This past week, since daycare has been closed, we have been making a concerted effort at having MrC potty-trained. I hate potty training. I don’t remember much for potty training the twins, because it was so horrible I’ve blocked it from my mind, but I do think it was over within what felt like a hundred years. It doesn’t help when you see books, or hear peoples “how to easy potty train in 48 hours”.  Sigh, again.

losing teeth

24 November, 2012

So, as luck would have it, both me, and my mom were at home, with only MrCuddles (his daycare was closed) last Friday the 16th of November.

From blood evidence, and his own words, we assume he was bouncing on his sister’s bed and did a face plant on the hard wood floor. One of his top incissors looked out of place, I called the dentist, at her home, and she asked about it, had me text a photo, and Monday morning we went in to see that, he had cracked the roots, he had knocked the teeth out of place, and out of socket, and they recommended removing top two incisors. He was mostly helpful during the monday visit.

That night, when I told his siblings, MsSqueaky was scared and started crying. I reassured her that he would be OK, and that she was a very good sister for being so concerned.

Tuesday, take out the teeth day. MrCuddles was not helpful, and was very squirmy, and I couldn’t keep him still…so they used a special “hug blanket” – a board with velcro straps to keep him in place. Once he was restrained on that, he didn’t fight, and didn’t complain, until the end when they touched a nerve and he started crying. He said nothing to them as we left.

Once we were in the car, his first words were, “Papa, can I eat carrots now?”



23 November, 2012

“Democracy destroys itself because it abuses its rights to freedom and equality. Because it teaches its citizens to consider audacity as a right, lawlessness as a freedom, abrasive speech as equality, and anarchy as progress.”  Isocrates (pg 81)  circa 400 BC

Micheal Lewis, wrote Boomerang, a quick study on horrible finances in four places. Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Germany & California.

It was quick and mostly fun, not so fun for the parts about Cali, for that hits a bit too close to home.

A warning, is when suddenly the economy starts doing something vastly different. For example, Ireland construction being 25% of GDP (as opposed to ~10% for most other nations), Irish banks growing at 30% ( usually 5-7%).

Basically, the book was kinda a bummer, and Lewis ends with “As idiotic as optimism can sometimes seem, it has a weird habit of paying off.” Srsly, you sepnd 220 pages on why and how we have messed up the world economy, and that’s your solution?


Songs of the now

17 November, 2012

I recently read, “if you think pop music today isn’t for you, ask yourself, are you a 15 year old girl? Because that’s who pop music is written for.”

And now, my songs-of-the-now…

Britney Spears “Womanizer”
Lady Gaga “Just Dance”
Christina Aguilera “Keeps Getting Better”
Pink “Sober”

And also liking Katy Perry, “Firework”

Yup, I’m a 15 yr old girl!

I’ve been thinking, a good pop song needs to be familiar, yet new. Also if it’s catchy enuff for a kindergartner to sing it, naturally, that’s good too.

today with MrCuddles

3 November, 2012

The kindergartners had a birthday party at a pool.

Me & MrCuddles were gonna hang out. He watched me shred a few papers. He wanted to go to the beach. We went out to get shovels and bucket, and at the car he decided he wanted to play baseball. So first we played a little baseball, he’s gotten so much better, even connecting on a few, and still wanted to after getting hit in forehead by the plastic ball.

Then, we went to the beach, stopping to get a coffee & hot-chocolate along the way. The beach was windy, a bit of rain, and big waves were crashing. He dug for a bit, then cuddled on my lap. Then we went to go ride “five buses!!”

Yes, downtown we rode five buses.


games with MrGrunty

3 November, 2012

The other evening, I asked MrGrunty, “Do you wanna play ‘Nothing-But-Net’?”

“Of course!”

Nothing-but-Net, shooting baskets, and you get to keep shooting until you make a basket, swish, nothing but net. Then you trade, and you rebound while the other person tries. Sometimes, you make it on the first time, sometimes, it takes a while. It is a nice game, because MrG is not at all competitive, or getting upset during this game.

Another low stress game: catch. Seeing how high we can go before dropping the ball. We made it to thirty today, tossing a ball across the living room. (I’m sure I will regret allowing him to throw balls across the living room any day now.)

Last week, we played basketball, to 30… and we agreed on the rules before the game started…I could only swipe the ball three times, and I could only block his shot three times.

Tonight, he & MsSqueaky were playing basketball against me. I told them they need to use team work and talk to each other. So the stopped playing, huddled up, and talked…

MrG: “The twins are gonna win.”

MsS: “Yeah. Let’s jump up and do a hi-five”

They then tried to give each other jumping high five, without success.

After, MrG wanted to roll the ball back & forth to me. Then we swatted it with a drum stick. Then he tried to bowl-down a spinning coin with the ball.

Ms Squeaky on the bike

2 November, 2012

Last weekend, MrGrunty went to a birthday party. I asked MsSqueaky and MrCuddles what they wanted… Kayu-kayu Ak Park.

Most of the time I spent with MsS, I started her at top of slight grassy hill, got her going then let go running along side her as she peddled down the hill. A couple times she crashed, being distracted by looking at a dog, but said, “I’m OK Papa, the grass is soft.” Then we tried on the asphalt path. She kept getting better, going a bit further so that by the end of the evening she announced, “papa, I’m so good at bike riding. Can I ride my bike to school?”


1 November, 2012

Getting to be…I mean I am, old. I best start taking better care of myself.