games with MrGrunty

The other evening, I asked MrGrunty, “Do you wanna play ‘Nothing-But-Net’?”

“Of course!”

Nothing-but-Net, shooting baskets, and you get to keep shooting until you make a basket, swish, nothing but net. Then you trade, and you rebound while the other person tries. Sometimes, you make it on the first time, sometimes, it takes a while. It is a nice game, because MrG is not at all competitive, or getting upset during this game.

Another low stress game: catch. Seeing how high we can go before dropping the ball. We made it to thirty today, tossing a ball across the living room. (I’m sure I will regret allowing him to throw balls across the living room any day now.)

Last week, we played basketball, to 30… and we agreed on the rules before the game started…I could only swipe the ball three times, and I could only block his shot three times.

Tonight, he & MsSqueaky were playing basketball against me. I told them they need to use team work and talk to each other. So the stopped playing, huddled up, and talked…

MrG: “The twins are gonna win.”

MsS: “Yeah. Let’s jump up and do a hi-five”

They then tried to give each other jumping high five, without success.

After, MrG wanted to roll the ball back & forth to me. Then we swatted it with a drum stick. Then he tried to bowl-down a spinning coin with the ball.


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