losing teeth

So, as luck would have it, both me, and my mom were at home, with only MrCuddles (his daycare was closed) last Friday the 16th of November.

From blood evidence, and his own words, we assume he was bouncing on his sister’s bed and did a face plant on the hard wood floor. One of his top incissors looked out of place, I called the dentist, at her home, and she asked about it, had me text a photo, and Monday morning we went in to see that, he had cracked the roots, he had knocked the teeth out of place, and out of socket, and they recommended removing top two incisors. He was mostly helpful during the monday visit.

That night, when I told his siblings, MsSqueaky was scared and started crying. I reassured her that he would be OK, and that she was a very good sister for being so concerned.

Tuesday, take out the teeth day. MrCuddles was not helpful, and was very squirmy, and I couldn’t keep him still…so they used a special “hug blanket” – a board with velcro straps to keep him in place. Once he was restrained on that, he didn’t fight, and didn’t complain, until the end when they touched a nerve and he started crying. He said nothing to them as we left.

Once we were in the car, his first words were, “Papa, can I eat carrots now?”



One Response to “losing teeth”

  1. Heather Says:

    Aww, I didn’t know Ella had cried…

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