Last night, we went to the school dance. Families were invited, and parents were required to stay. As I arrived, late, in the cold rain, I met an adult couple, that were doing a perimeter check “to make sure there are no 6th graders making-out”.  The woman said, “You’re MrGrunty’s dad? My daughter is always talking about MrG. ‘Is MrG going to be there? MrG did this today!’  I think your son is a calming influence on my daughter because he’s so quiet.”   I replied I was glad he was calm at school, because just this morning he freaked out when it was time to go and he hadn’t picked something for show & tell. The dad laughed, “sounds like our house.”

When I went in, MsSqueaky was in tears. I hadn’t expected that. Still not sure what was wrong, besides her being tired. We spent some time outside, chatting.

Back inside, I got to see MrG dancing with a friend. Very serious, thrusting feet and hands out, ignoring me when I tried to say hi.

MrCuddles, wanted to be held all evening. And then, when we got home, he was FULL of energy and was still awake at 10pm. Next time, he needs to dance more.

Weirdest song selection, “…and tonight we’re gonna dance like we’re gonna die young.”



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