day off from school

So… remember how MsSqueaky & MrGrunty started school? Well, on Sept 11th, the day after their first day, they had the day off. (I guess half start on one day, half start on the other day, and then on the third day all the kids are together.)

We got up, got dressed, and went out to breakfast. MrCuddles was with us. At breakfast, MsSqueaky said, and this was at 9AM, “Papa, can we go back home and take a nap?”  (Yup, first day of kindergarten tired her out.)  MrGrunty was happily dunking his bacon in the maple syrup. MrCuddles was drizzling his maple syrup all over everything. We dropped off MrC, and went off to the UW.

We parked at top of a parking garage, and they enjoyed the view of Portage Bay and campus. Then we hiked down to rent a row-boat. I enjoyed paddling the boat around lillypads more than they did. It was a beautiful morning.

Then to a park, me & MrG played baseball. MsS made a friend and played. We got a hot chocolate, and back to daycare to pickup MrCuddles. When they went in, the kindergartners said, “it looks different.”  I laughed. (Although, the daycare had been closed the previous week, and they rearranged during that time.)

MrGrunty told me, “I wanna go to school for ever…I like full day.”

And so…time progressed, as it always does, and this past Monday, Dec 3rd, the kindergartners had another day off, since it was the trimester mark, and the teachers would be sending out grades. Again we went to breakfast, and then dropped off MrCuddles.

Then we took bus down town, running into JenBud and her son along the way. And from there, we took the train to the airport. I think they liked they liked the train, but were a bit grumpy that we couldn’t go to the gates to watch the planes take off. (Next time, I’ll take them to outside the Boeing Museum of flight, lots of planes land there. MsSqueaky almost fell asleep on ride back, MrGrunty stared out the window. Downtown we went to library, got some books for family, and rushed back to the daycare to get MrCuddles.



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