the weekend

Saturday morning, MsSqueaky & MyBetterHalf went off to get the car fixed. Finding out it would take 4 hours, they had some time to wander around down town Seattle. In the meantime, me & MrGrunty watched UNC Tarheels lose their game against the Miami Hurricane. Sigh. My boss is a huge UNC fan, so I cheer for them. During the game I sent him a few messages… “Sorry, MrG is now rooting for Miami.” He replied, “I might too.”  It was difficult to talk MrG into rooting for Carolina, because he likes the Miami Heat, Lebron was rooting for the Hurricans, and I mistakenly called Carolina’s color “baby blue”.

Saturday afternoon, MsSqueaky had a birthday party. MrGrunty had a friend coming over from school to visit. I stayed home with the boys. We walked to the park, oh-my-goodness…two boys together, do not pay attention to street safety because they are too busy laughing and having fun. MrCuddles tried to keep up with them, and was often trying to get the friend’s attention to show something. They played on the playground, played a bit of catch, and then went to go play at the creek. A small stick would be a person, tossed into the creek, floating away, and a big stick would be a monster they threw after the little one. They liked it when the monster got the person.

Saturday night, we dropped the childrens off to go have a date to celebrate being a couple since, Feb 11th, hang on, lemmme do the math… 1996. Thai food. My dish was good, MyBetterHalf was served a mediocre curry sauce. Then a book store. (I need to read more, write more. Sigh.) Naturally, the childrens were having too much fun and didn’t want to leave Leena’s kids. MrCuddles was playing with the two kindergarten girls, babies, and then pretending to go to sleep.

Sunday morning…I attempted to teach Bible class. But, eh…mainly me & my four students just chatted. The adults’ sermon was John 8:1-11, woman caught in adultery. (When I was young…a youth minister asked the class…”where was the guy?  Do you think the Pharasees let her get dressed before dragging her to Jesus?”  Me, I was clueless to what adultery was.)  Naturally I didn’t want to talk about adultery with 3rd graders. So I tried to go with using Matthew 7, don’t try to help your friend with a speck in their eye, when you have a plank in yours.

Sunday afternoon, we watched a bit of LA Lakers -vs- Miami Heat. Go anybody but Lakers! Wow, what a completely dysfunctional squad. The talent they have, the bad record they own. Almost makes me want to quit hating them. But, I must stay strong in hating the Lakers.

MyBetterHalf took the boys to the beach to meet friends from daycare. I took MsSqueaky to park to ride bikes with one of her friends. They  more played on the playground. MsS got scared, she went zooming down a hill to fast for her comfort level, and tried to stop putting feet on  the ground…no crash, but lots of tears.



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