President’s Day weekend

Saturday…uh…I don’t remember. Oh yeah, we went to playground, and had to hide under the shelter during the heavy rain + hail, while watching a double rainbow. Yeah, it was cool.

Sunday, I taught Bible class, over what has got to be one of the funnest chapters. John 9, Jesus heals a blind man. You got Jesus playing in the mud, mud in the eye, Pharisees arguing amongst themselves, a healed man getting fed up with the accusing questioning,…   too bad I’m not a good enough teacher to do the chapter justice.

After worship, there was a book-club, regarding taking a Sabbath. I took away from it, “take time to reflect, get closer to God…yes on changing diapers, but the dishes in the sink can wait.”

Sunday afternoon, I took MsSqueaky to park so she can practice riding her bike. MrCuddles joined us. MrGrunty wanted to stay home to watch the NBA All Star Game. I coaxed MsS back to the hill that freaked her out last time, and we started half way up, and she rode down, each time going up a bit higher on the hill, and thus a little faster riding down.

Monday… me & the childrens visited MyBetterHalf at her work for lunch. After, they helped my shop for pants. Both events were OK, and they were good childrens.  And back to the park for more play and bike riding. MsS was following some first grade boys on her bike. MrGrunty & I were practicing baseball…laughing a lot, because him hitting the ball so far and so consistently. (We were using the big plastic bat with wiffle ball.)

This morning, playing AngryBirds card game with the kindergartners… I won, and no one freaked out, we all were having too much fun laughing.

Neat stuff:

MsSqueaky… being crafty. Tonight she made a paper version of herself, rolling up paper into tubes for the arms. This morning, she was very affectionate, wanting to snuggle, and telling me many times “I love you Papa.”

MrGrunty… been practicing a lot on the indoor basketball hoop. He loves to play “down-town-nothing-but-net” where we shoot from the door way until we make a basket, without hitting backboard or the rim. He loves to practice blocking my shots. He still gets very upset if I get close to winning.  The other day, (and this is where a crazy dad is talking about how great his kid is at sport, sorry, but it was cool) MrG was running for a slam dunk, ( maybe 4 or five feet up ), and right before the ball hits the rim, he flicks it up, and it goes into the net. I complemented him, saying it was tricky like Rajon Rondo.

MrCuddles… after he got off the potty. He looked at me, “Papa, you go get my pants and my underwear, and I’ll put them on, and you got get your iPad and I can watch it,” he paused, sighed, “…that’s a lot of things.”



2 Responses to “President’s Day weekend”

  1. justmeleena Says:

    There is SO much packed into John 9! Considering you have approx. 30-45 mins and one day to work on the chapter, you’re a great teacher. 🙂 I think you’d need a month to unpack the whole thing!

  2. :-jon Says:

    I was happy to listen to PastorSandy this morning, mentioning that though the “serious religious” were making a scriptural defense of the rules they had, they were missing the miracle happening right before their eyes.

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