Rachel Dratch

I recently read Rachel Dratch’s “Girl Walks into a Bar”. Whilst reading I was thinking that like poetry there is a beauty in the economy of humor.

It was enjoyable. My favorite parts:

“Yes, and…” the secret to comedy, (and possibly life) you take what you are given and add to it.

On Tina Fey, “…she and I have different styles: I am a classic Pisces, prone to sensitivity and emotions, and she is German.”

I can relate…

“All moms secretly think they are doing something wrong and there’s something that slipped through the cracks, so I guess when some women think they are doing something right, they want to shout it at you from the highest mountain.”

(Fear holding an infant,… You have to read the instructions or “…she’s dead. Side note: I never read the instructions.”   …also, no matter you can find some expert to justify your parent style)

Great final chapter, for a story that ain’t over yet!


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