Foxes and farmer

Monday night, MsSqueaky showed me a card of a fox on her door, and told me how she likes foxes. Before I knew it, she and I were crawling on the ground pretending to be foxes. MrCuddles quickly joined us. And me, aka “Grandpa-Fox” joined “Mommy Fox” and “Baby Fox” for going looking for food. I got a small ball, we have many around our home, “Baby fox, an egg, foxes like to eat eggs! Let’s go to our home.” And then we crawled through the living room, I kept whispering to them, “Quiet, we can’t let the farmer hear us.” And all the way downstairs to parents’ room, and made our den on the parents’ bed. Soon, MrGrunty came bounding down the stairs, wanting to play with us.

Then, we heard a STOMP-STOMP on the steps. The childrens were giggling, and I was whispering “BE QUIET the farmer is coming”. And MyBetterHalf, in a very serious, very stern, as-deep-as-she-can-go voice, said, “Silly foxes! Stealing my eggs! Give me my eggs back foxes!” we scurried away, found some stuffed toys (look like monster/muppet-bowlingpins) that were now chickens that we would steal. We would sneak back to the bed, pretend to eat the food, “Nom-nom-nom” and sing, “We love ___” until the farmer showed up. Then we would hide and deny everything. Eventually, Grandpa-fox got trapped, (under a laundry basket) by the farmer, and so foxes had to rescue me.  The game was finally over, when the childrens were playing the part of super-heroes (“here to save the day” MsS says as MrG poses.) and GrandmaFox and GrandpaFox were put in jail.

This game is a HUGE hit, and they want to play it every night.


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