Seattle Sonics return?

So…allegedly the board of governors for the NBA will be meeting to discuss if the Chris Hansen’s group can purchase the and move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle.

In Seattle’s favor… they’ve made a larger offer for the Kings team, and Seattle is a bigger market.

Why I think it won’t happen…
because Seattle hates David Stern, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual
to protect future billionaires…my understanding is Hansen group came forth with a very nice offer to the city, better than most billionares who want a city to build an arena, …Seattle City Council said “not good enough”…  and the Hansen group improved the offer. That kind a precident, of cities saying “no”, really looses the owners group power.

Why I don’t want it to happen.
Kings fans are way more loyal to their team. They pack the stands, they cheer loud. Seattle fans are bit fair weather (see current Mariners attendance ratings.) Maybe it’s because there is nothing else to do in Cow-town (…sorry, I got that from Shaq, when the Lakers -v- Kings were some of the best playoff basketball of the 90s.)
I don’t want to be emotionally attached to a team. It is easy for me to watch and enjoy, without the emotional committment. Yeah, sure, I could just not root for the Seattle NBA…but…well… and… my childrens will want to go to games (pricey!) and they will root for the home team. I’m just not strong enough to say “no”.


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