week beginning

Sunday…I was teaching Bible class. And when I walked into the room, I surprised to see a coconut and a watermelon. The coconut was kind of an on going joke with my class. I promised to bring one…finally did…it had been sitting on my counter for a couple of months. And when we cracked it open, it was moldy. Two weeks ago, I bought one right before class… and it was moldy. The watermelon, YouthMinister’s oldest daughter wanted that…she brought both of them to class. Class went well, we talked about parades, and about the improptu parade Jesus had when he entered Jerusalem before Good Friday. Then we chopped up the watermelon, (maybe I was a bit too faithful in my 3rd graders with a knife…I freaked out the 5th grader.) And we took our snacks and song to parade to the pre-school / kindergarten classroom. Then we went out to find that, yes, this coconut was also moldy. When is coconut season?

Sunday…after worship, a last gathering & potluck discussing the “Sabbath in the Suburbs” book. I haven’t read the book. I usually show late for discussion. But I try to sit at new table, and chat with people I don’t know.

When we got home, MyBetterHalf was feeling icky. So, I took the childrens, and we went off to the park. We went to one with a track, because I told MsSqueaky & MrGrunty I wanted to see how fast their shoes were. I did a couple of 100 yard dashes with them, and then me & MrG ran a 400. Near the end of the run, I told him the Story About The Bear on the Track that my Jr High track coach told us.

When you are running, watch out for the Bear-on-the-Track. The bear lives around the 350 meter mark, at the top of the last turn. And if you aren’t careful, the bear will sneak up on you, and jump on your back, and you’ll have to carry that bear all the way to the end of the race. You gotta run even faster than you’ve been running to get away from the bear. I remember MrBoyd yellin’ “Watch out for that bear!”  or “That bear’s gonna getcha!!”  He even tacked up a “Welcome to Bear Country” sign.  MrG loved the story, and even tried to run faster when I warned him of the bear. At the end, I told him, “Listen, you hear that?  (bear voice) ‘I’ll get you next time Grunty! And then you’ll have to carry me to the end!’.”

After a bit, it started to drizzle and we were getting cold. So we got back in the car, and headed south…to a new park, the Latona Elementary school. There, MsS ignored us as she alternated between riding her bike on the big asphalt field, and practicing monkey bars. I spent my seconds alternating between kicking soccer ball with MrG and catching MrCuddles at bottom of the slide. A younger girl was following MsS, she ignored the girl. A bigger kid asked MrG if he wanted to play tag, he ignored him. Later, MsS said, “Hey guys, let’s play ‘Ship’.” She was the captain, MrG was the pilot (at the steering wheel), MrC was the skipper (who was taking things back and forth from the lookout deck to the pilot’s wheel below. Then MsS said we got to an island and we all got off the boat. We realized we didn’t have any food, so they went fishing on a big rope contraption, tossing their catch to me, laughing when I didn’t have anymore pockets and had to store the fish in my mouth. Then, MrG tripped and fell, and demanded we go home.

Instead we went to Gasworks Park. I heard many “Oh wow!” from them as they saw the giant pipes. And more amazement as we watched sea-planes land. We walked around, exploring. MrG got everyone to pick flowers, “to give to Mommy so she will feel better.” They got on a concrete block and put on a little show for me, singing a made up song, dancing, singing and dancing “Gungnam Style”. Then it was my turn to be on the stage, I started “My Bonny” and pretending to hold a mic, would have them in the crowd sing along. They returned to the stage and sang, “Papa* we love you.”  We walked to the top of the hill to get a better view of the park, downtown and the lake.

*I later discovered they were singing “Pipe Pipe”.

On the way home, they were singing songs, and MsE was teaching new call-and-response songs to them that she was making up.

We eventually took MrCuddles to his school, then off to Costco for tire exchange. It would take a while, so we hopped on a bus towards downtown. Downtown, we went to the Seattle Aquarium. They had a few “oh wows” from the Wall of Fish at the entry. We got to see the octopus move around, and since only a few visitors…my children always got a good view of the octopus. They could even follow it as it moved across the tank. They liked the big “O” of jellyfish. Only MsS touched one thing in the touch-tank. I think MrG liked the aquarium more, MsS was always the first to want to go to the next tank. Then for donuts at Pike Place market. Then, at bus stop, I saw a double-decker express bus to Lynnwood…and as an act of faith that it would work out, we got on. We got to go to the top, and we were super lucky and got to sit in the front. “It’s like a plane” MrG exclaimed.

Monday night, the three children were using good team work on a project of their own volition. They were making paper Easter Eggs for the parents to find. The twins were cutting them out, and MrCuddles was hiding them. And me & MyBetterHalf were confined to the kitchen so we couldn’t see. When we did get to look for them, the childrens would follow us, “there’s one more in there!” excitedly telling us.


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