Game of Thrones book 3

Just finished George RR Martin’s A Storm of Swords  , only 1128 pages, book #3 of, I heard he’s planning on seven or eight total.

.The only reason I started reading this multiple book series is because MyBetterHalf and I are watching HBO “Game of Thrones” for our “date-nite”…yup, nothing as romantic as swords & civil war, mixed in with incest and betrayal. Frank Herbert with his six books of Dune, each worse than the previous, made me angry, and I’ve held a grudge against fantasy epics ever since.  So far, Martin’s books have been better than Herbert’s books #2-6.  As for Dune, a classic that everyone should read.

Martin is a very good craft’s man, he writes a good chapter, each one is like a different flavor of ice-cream, and who doesn’t love ice-cream. Except, maybe after the tenth scoop of the day.

But, seriously… one should be able to tell a story in 300 pages.  My expectations are low that the end of the series will be fulfilling, in fact I have my doubts if Martin will actually live long enough to finish the series, based on his age, his pace of releasing books, and that he’s got a day job at HBO with their version of his tale.

So… without too many spoilers…

War…yes, people die. Yes, war is horrible. But I got that from Elie Wiesel’s night, and that was 200 pages. I am not sure I want to slog through thousands of more pages of misery.

Martin kills off too many characters. Right now I feel, “why should I care about this character, they will probably die” so I won’t invest myself emotionally in them, and I won’t care if they die. And I believe that when an author kills a character, the reader should feel something.

Sometimes, the sets of characters, who have been spread to the four winds, accidentally almost run into each other. Too much coincidence.

And finally, it seems Martin may write his characters into impossible to escape spots, and the cavalry will charge over the hill at the last minute to save the character.

Maybe that’s it… if it seems impossible to escape, the character will escape. If there seems like a chance things could actually work out, then Martin kills the character.

But, as individual chapters…they are good. Very good craftsman. And I can’t just read one. And it’s fun to chat with BitterKat about where I’m at, and what I think about what’s happening, and she just smiles and says, “just you wait.”


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