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Commitment problem

30 June, 2013


MyBetterHalf asked if I have commitment problems. I said I do, I just can’t stay faithful to one book until the end. But, will find myself tempted by another book, and start reading that one…until, before ya know it…I’m currently reading

  • Game of Thrones #4
  • a Tom Clancey novel
  • a book about cuy in Andean cculture
  • a short history of the Aztecs
  • an intro to archeology



June begins

4 June, 2013

Last Saturday, June 1st… there was a party at a Dojo. Brilliant marketing I thought. Bring in kids, let them see how fun karate is…then give them sword to cut the cake. However…much to our surprise. Our childrens did not want to participate. And did their best impressionations of wall flowers. OK, maybe they were practicing being ninjas and being silent and not moving, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Actually, now that I think about it…they did move into action once cake was served.

Saturday night… MsSqueaky was sick. She threw up a couple of times. She shared the bed with MyBetterHalf. I was on the sofa with MrCuddles who was coughing up a storm, and being violently opposed to the tyranny of laying down.

Sunday morning… I taught my Bible class, happy that the three students from last week, were there¬† again, and we put on the play of Saul becoming Paul for the kindergartner class.¬† MsS had a party that afternoon, so me MrC & MrG played at SandPoint. That evening, we went to RedRobin for greasy tasty burger dinner, because the Indian restaurant I wanted to go to, was now a deep hole for construction. After, to a fellow kindergartner’s house to hang out for a few minutes.

Yesterday, Monday
It was day off from school for the kindergartners, and MrCuddles promised to behave so I had a day of fun with my childrens. We went to UW and rented a small boat and paddled around for a few minutes. When we were boarding, MrCuddles saw the boat rocking back and forth, and he sat between my legs the whole time, not moving an inch. MrG wanted to stand up a couple of times. Then we went to 5Guys for tasty/greasy burgers & fries. Then home for a bit. Then off to GoldenGardens to play on the giant spiderweb thing, and then bury our feet in the sands, and wash our toes in the surf. Needles to say they were tired when we finally got home.

This morning, MrCuddles woke super-cranky, and with a big coughing fit. He kept the cough up for an hour, so I decided to stay home with him. He helped me with laundry, we played with trains, we made a boat on the bed and avoided the crocodiles that were on the floor. This afternoon, when he was watching a show, he discovered a new song that he liked, and asked me to play it again. I find it so very cute when the childrens find something on their own that speaks to them and they naturally like. He’s heard hundreds of songs in kid’s shows, but this one (something about a duck) made him want to hear it five more times. So far, for me, if one of my childrens likes something, I automatically give it +10 points in my book.

Tonight, MrGrunty and I played some AngryBird. It is way much more fun if I’m playing with him, we take turns, we laugh when we fail a level, we cheer when one of us clears a level.

After that, I played some tag with MsSqueaky. She’s getting better, holding out her hands to her sides, in a stance to maximize potential lateral movement, directling her brother to go the other way so they can trap me behind the shed.

Bedtime… MrCuddles, in the bed, with a beat-up Gideon’s New Testament, (“my green Bible-book” he calls it).
Me: will you read me a story from your Bible-book?
MrC: about what?
me: about a dog.
MrC: there’s no dogs.
me: about a cat.
MrC: there’s no cats in my book.
me: what’s in your Bible-book.
MrC: There’s no animals. You have to guess.