We visited a new church this morning. The childrens Bible class, because they wouldn’t let me leave them I stayed, was aboot the Prodigal Son. The teacher mentioned, two brothers, like MrCuddles and MrGrunty. So I spent rest of the morning thinking about being a father, and of course I would have a celebration, and run to embrace my child if they returned home. (And of course, the other would be jealous.) I think “parent” is best metaphor for God. How often have parents heard, “if you love me you will give me ___!” And how many times have we said to God,”if you loved me you would get me ___.”

MrG didn’t like it, it was boring. I asked what he would like. “playing games,” he replied.

After Church, they helped me clean out the car. It was pleasant.

We relaxed at home, because yesterday we did too much. Me and MrG played UNO, the won two out of three. They played in the sprinkler.

At 4pm, we went to local park and met up with some friends from their school. We played soccer, catch, climbing, exploring, and digging n the dirt.

After bath, the childrens and I started sorting Lego pieces.

Then, MyBetterHalf and I watched TruBlood. And srsly, I would join the Fellowship of the Sun.


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