True Blood needs Shane

Remember Shane from the Walking Dead? When Rick was helping Farmer Greene corral zombies, Shane put a stop to it. He first told Rick how stupid it was, that they were dead, so quit pretending otherwise. He then explained how the zombies were dangerous, and keeping a herd of them was endangering Rick’s own family. And finally offered empirical evidence, he shot a zombie several times in the chest, and when it kept trying to attack him, Shane asked, “doctor, you tell me, is this what a human does?”

As I’ve mentioned before, I would totally side with the Fellowship of the Sun, the anti-vampire group, who I’m told is an HBO unsubtle metaphor for anti-gay Christian Right groups.

Here’s what a normal person knows about vampires in the TruBlood universe:

That vampires were hiding, but now they are coming out of hiding because they can now feed on an artificial blood. Leading one to wonder, what (who?!?) were they feeding on before, when they where hiding?

Witnessed on live TV a vampire kill a broadcaster, claiming “this is the true face of vampire” and then fly off. So vampires have super powers.

Here’s what the government officials know about vampires
They have super human strength and speed and are very dangerous.
That the top military liaison to the vampires has suddenly gone missing.

And this is why TruBlood America needs Shane. To say, this is a threat, this is danger, and this is not human so quit pretending it is and eliminate the threat.


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