Humans vs vampires

Yeah…I’m still thinking aboot what the humans in TrueBlood-land need to do to win the war.

There may be spoilers.

1) Castle up at night. You will need something strong, so the vampires can’t just throw rocks, logs, cars through the windows at you. You’ll need defense vs fire, so they can’t force you outside by catching your home on fire.

2) Attack in the day. Although…if they hide in the sewers, deep, with way to run away. Or in caves. Can they sink their coffin into a lake?

3) Think about viral eradication. Same as smallpox, vampirism is easy to distinguish (vampires burn in sun), there isn’t an animal vector reserve ( it is only in humans).

4) Armor? They are super strong, so even if great armor they could throw you thirty feet in the air. Maybe have silver beads coating the clothes? Although, the vampire could wear gloves whilst tearing off you clothes before they feast on your blood. Well, if it slows them down for a moment and you have a buddy…

5) weapons: in the show UV light harms them…so, use UV flashlight while hunting. Silver bullets, though will it be able to penetrate bulletproof vests? Have a ballistics team come up with something.

6) night patrols: use armored vehicles. If working in teams, could flamethrower the vampires off of each other.

It will be a tough fight. They can hide in the day, and at night find a few humans to replenish their numbers. Also, if they declare war on us…they can burn our crops, destroy or power plants, weaken our infrastructure at night. Many of us will starve. There are too many places for us to defend. Likely, they will win, and start to keep us in cages…much the way we cage cattle and chickens. Considering how easy it is to keep a kidnapped person for years before anyone notices.

All this makes me wonder, why do vampires hide? It’s doubtful with 21st century technology that humans can survive a war against vampires. Why were they hiding in the Middle Ages?

Now all of this gets a bit more complicated if someone asks, “what is human?” What if the vampires are just humans that have a crazy virus? (I believe this is what is used to calm folks in the books.) We don’t hunt down people with Ebola. Although we may quarantine them. If they can plead “we’re not all bad” that will slow us down.

Or, even more complex if a vampire-fey hybrid exists, or if the vampire can have protection from sunlight by either technology or magic. That takes away one of our best weapons.


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