First baseball game

Last night was MrGrunty’s first baseball game. And, as luck would have it he was traded before the first pitch. (The other team only had four players show up, so MrG and a few of his team played for the other team.) It’s coach pitch, so coach does easy pitch to another coach as catcher. Each inning each kid had an chance at bat, and I heard if they took a lot of swings they would bring out the batting T. Never saw it used last night. The kids are way better at hitting than at fielding, or throwing the ball to each other. MrG seemed to be about average for skill. And better than average at paying attention.

MsSqueaky and MrCuddles were playing on the playground. I played with them a bit too. We got on large “dome climber” ( I can stand up inside it.) The childrens call it a “the spider web”. And before you know it’ I was climbing on it, being the “teacher spider” telling them the importance of building a strong web, asking what we spiders like to eat, (“flies”), because they are…”yummy!”…and pretending to hand out flies for the young spiders to chomp on. There were two other kids with us. A mom asked if I were a teacher or an actor. I said I just like to play with my kids. She asked if I were a stay at home dad. Nope.

Then, off to a fats-food dinner and then sleep in the tent.


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