Acts 15

Wednesdays in July, our Pastor is having Bible studies over the text she’ll be covering the following Sunday. I’ve been to a few.

Here’s the scene, the Church is young, still trying to figure out how Jewish one needs to be to follow Christ. Some say, you need to follow all the Laws of Moses, for example circumcision. Which implies that some of the new converts were fairly serious about making a commitment. The Apostles and the Elders, you know, folks that might be on the same page, or since had been hanging out with Jesus for a couple years might no the game plan, they didn’t have a unified answer. So, they discussed and argued. Then they, as humans, made a decision.

They decided that it was enough to

  • Not eat meat offered to idiols
  • No blood in food
  • Don’t eat strangled animals
  • Abstain from sexual immorality

That’s it.
What’s interesting to me, is today, we never even think about the first three.

I’m sure some of this comes back to Jesus telling the Apostles “whatever you bind (or loosen) on earth will also be done in Heaven” Matt 16:19 and 18:18



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