…shall we start with last night. I was chatting over the fence with our neighbors when MrCuddles announced, “there’s wand in the tree.” And yes, in the neighbor’s bamboo (sigh, I didn’t point out to MrC that bamboo is a grass), was one of MsSqueaky’s princess wands. The neighbors retrieved it, I explained to MrCuddles not to throw things over the fence,… And soon my childrens were playing catch with the neighbors, over the fence, with stuffed animals.

First, Sophie-kitty woke me at four. Either to request fresh food, or to make sure I still loved her. You see, Friday night, whilst I was writing here, she wanted to nibble my knees, so I shoved her off the bed and yelled at her. Yes, I still love you, have some fresh food.

About an hour later, MsSqueaky joined us. (Unusual.)
An hour after that MrCuddles joined us. (Typical.)
FYI…MrGrunty almost always stays in his bed.

For some reason, I actually did a fair bit of yard work before noon. Then we went to the library. Pet-peeve of mine, that my childrens go to library and play on the computer. There are books, childrens! Pick out some books! (Yes, I am old. Yes, I will be very sad when books go away.)

MrCuddles stayed home with me, whilst the others went to soccer practice. He helped me put away laundry.

After dinner, we went to park. MrGrunty made me feel like old man, I was goalie and he was shooting. I’m just to slow to stop him. And I twisted my ankle. And I got turf burn. It was lots of fun! (Ya know, I like practicing baseball and soccer skills much more than playing or watching a game.)

Then, I played “monster and super-hero” with MsSqueaky and MrCuddles. Mostly me chasing them, growling, …getting caught by them, taken to jail, getting turned into a super-hero, taking off my shirt to use for a cape, flying around to save the day. After that, a quick bit baseball, me -vs- MyBetterHalf and MrG.

MsS was asleep minutes after getting in bed.
MrCuddles has been very quite.
I suspect MrG is asleep, too, but he was looking at his library book when we turned off the lights.


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