King County Council

It’s funny, isn’t it? How we will spend hours researching and debating who is better for US President, where we have very little sway. And yet, for local office, where our vote matters more, where local events will affect us more.

I must confess, like most folks, I am a horribly uneducated local voter.

Recently, our home received a glossy, full page, double sided, color flier from Rod Dembowski.

“Selling socks with my father at the swap meet taught me the values I still hold today. Work hard. Play by the rules. Help others move up the ladder of opportunity. I’m working hard to ensure that everyone in King County has the opportunity to succeed.”

That’s cute. But not at all helpful.
Whatcha gonna do, Rod?

Bus service reduces congestion, but King Co Metro is losing money and can not afford the routes it currently has. Whatcha gonna do, Rod?

Your website claims ”

King County can and should play a leading role in promoting and facilitating a strong and growing regional economy.


Rod’s website mentions protecting streams, but we need affordable housing, and also building up urban centers. The only way to do all three, is to have lots of small-apartment (cheap rent), high rises (high density) and a ban on rural development.

I am getting sick of platitudes. Why can’t a candidate offer ideas? Then, we voters could judge them by their ideas, and not by their fairy-tale back story.


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