I’ve been reading the Book of Romans recently. I’ve forgotten how wonderful it is.

  • Justification by faith – Romans 4
  • Romans 7:15-19, we want to do good, but we don’t
  • Romans 8:31 “if God is for us, who can be against us”
  • Romans 8:38-39 nothing can separate us from God’s love
  • Romans 12 we different spiritual gifts (which I charted out, and for better or worse as a kid decided my gift was giving.)
  • Obey the government – Romans 13 (which seems to go against the American Revolution being a Christian act)
  • Individuality in honoring God – Romans 14 (which I can read as “don’t ask don’t tell” )

sometime in Jr. high School, our preacher offered an in-depth study on Romans, and said he was teaching it like a college class. Every week there was a test on what we had studied, memory verses, theology points. I never got higher than a C on those tests. I think it was great that they let me sit in on the class that was designed for adults. I felt cool to be there.

What other organized extra-circular actives did I have as a kid?

For starters, we went to Church. Bible class & worship Sunday mornings. Often a potluck after. Sunday night worship. Wednesday night service.

Jr High
The above mentioned Romans class, Saturday morning for a couple of months.

For a while there was a Tuesday night small group thing for our church in various homes.
7th grade, Autumn, “manager” for the football team.
7th – 9th grade, after school chess club.
9th grade, student government rep.
9th grade Spring, track.
In the summers I had a babysitting gig.

High school
At some point I was involved in a Tuesday night Bible study for teens.
Many Sunday afternoons, or Sunday nights would have youth group fellowship through Church.
10th – 12th grade, Spring, track
11th & 12th grade, Autumn, cross country
11th & 12th grade, Tuesdays after school, music theory
11th grade summer, job at car wash
12th grade, Saturday mornings, Tacoma Youth Symphony
12th grade, Winter, I was in pit orchestra for musical
12th grade summer, job a burger joint

So, lots of Church.
Jr high a lot of chess.
High school running in circles and some music.

And my childrens today?
We are starting the crazy of extra-curricular activities. This summer, MsSqueaky had swim lessons Saturday morning, MrGrunty had baseball on Wednesday nights, and both were in a Saturday afternoon soccer class. This fall, they will both be on different soccer teams. (We hope to get MrCudldles in swimming.) If I was more organized, I might feel better, but I worry that other important things may get skipped, forgotten, delayed. Things like Bible study, chores, music lessons, family time, quiet time, Spanish lessons, swimming, art projects, hiking, home maintenance & improvement,…oh yeah and good nutrition and consistent sleep schedules.

I guess that’s the way it is, never enough time. I guess that’s why they call it making priorities.


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