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game of Thrones book 4

19 September, 2013

I’ve said that reading a chapter of George RR Martin is like having a scoop of ice cream.

Well, reading book 4 was like having my parents take me to ice cream, then telling me that they had given my dog away, and were going to send me away to live with mean aunt Burtha in Mongolia.

I don’t have the time or energy to invest into something that is sad, and is fantasy. If I want long and depressing, I’ll read about the Aztec and Incas. If I want political intrigue, I’ll read about the rise of Islam, or Byzantium. Or if i do want depressing escapism’ Shakespeare, the play is over in four hours and he’s a better writer.

Don’t tell me it’s realistic…there are dragons and magics. It’s fantasy, read as escapism.

Sure, I get that you want to keep your readers on their toes. But at this point, it’s no surprise, they are dead, or soon will be dead. The new characters, I don’t care about. They’re boring, and will probably be dead soon anyway.


End of June stories part 3

9 September, 2013

Friday, we met up with some friends at the park, shared picnic lunch, and played baseball, soccer. As luck would have it, only girls from MrG’s class showed up, ( so later MsS was complaining no one from her class showed up, and MrG complained no boys showed up.) Leena and her girl were gonna join us, however, her eldest, “tween-E” had to go to the emergency room! We went and picked up K-Bear, so she wouldn’t be bored at hospital. MsS and MrC were thrilled. They played “working”, where they spread blankets on the lawn, had a dozen dolls and stuffed animals, and were writing in their activity and coloring books. Then, one would get up, announce, “OK, mom (or dad), I’m going to work now.” Later, the childrens played in the sprinkler. And eventually they all went to sleep.

Tween-E was released at midnight, and was fine the next morning. She and MrG were playing catch on the front lawn.


8 September, 2013

Finally, I purchased tickets to go see the Seattle Storm.

I gotta say, I just love the community and the theatrics of it. The arena goes dark, the fans are on their feet and clapping in time, the players run out under the spotlight. Very exciting, very fun.

We had seats close to the court, but behind the basket.

Me and MrGrunty went to the first game. I love watching him, he’s so cute, he gets so absorbed in it. He was amused when I was screaming “Go Storm!” At first, they were winning, but then they got behind, and he started getting upset. Luckily, they won.

I took MsSqueaky to the next game. We had extra time so had dinner downtown, and rode the monorail there. MsS seemed to like it at first, but then wanted snacks, then wanted to wander around, and we ended up leaving during the third quarter. Getting home was horrible. There was a Seahawks game, the buses were late, and packed and thus passed us by. I felt like a sci-fi refugee in the tunnel, a tired girl in my arms, stuck in the middle of a crowd.

Side note…we went as a family to see the Aquasox. Nice day, cheap game. After MsS and MrCuddles ate their lunch, they wanted to go play. So, off to the grass field behind the stadium…they played school they were the teachers I was the student. They pretended they were in a bounce house. I read my book.

So…instead of WNBA game, I had a papa & child day with MrCuddles. We went downtown, wandered around, got some dinner, wandered some more, got some fro-yo, and went home. He thought the best part was when I made a mistake and we were on the wrong side of the tunnel for our bus stop. He was still laughing aboot that the next day.

Last night, me and MyBetterHalf went to the Storm game. They lost. Badly. All I remember was the Lynx making the extra pass and getting the easy layup. Time, and time again.

Soccer game day part 2

7 September, 2013

Mud, sweat, and tears. OK, not that much mud.

We showed up early so I could watch and learn what actually happens in a soccer game. ( did I mention I’m not qualified to coach? )

Begore her game, MsSqueaky threw a fit because her shoes and socks got wet. (Welcome to soccer, kid.) That and her last night, I was starting to think the worst…but, when her friends got there, she ran over to them and was chatting and happy. Her coach was talking to them, getting them pumped up. She wasn’t in first rotation, so was sitting on side with friends, joking, talking ignoring the game. But, when she took the field, oh my goodness, my beautiful little girl was running after the ball, hustling on defense, looking around keeping aware of the field. Once she got the ball, and dribbled along the side line, halfway down the field, not going out. I didn’t know she could do that! When she was called out, I had tears in my eyes, and she jogged over to me, hugged me, and then she started crying. I picked her up, hugging her so she wouldn’t see my tears, held her close and said I’m very proud of her, and she was doing very good. I offered my special lime-green “coach’s tear collector jacket handkerchief”. She wiped her tears, and was good the rest of the game.

My Assistant Coach, who actually knows soccer, was having our team take some practice shots on the goal. I handed out our team jerseys, met with the other coach, and impressed all the parents by wearing a black suit jacket, which was accessorized with the lime green hankie, neck tie, belt, and baseball cap. (It got hot) The game was chaotic. I wanted three in for five minutes, then next three in…but between, falls, bumps, untied shoes, tired, and meltdowns,…it seems I had a different kid that needed to be subbed out every minute. (MrG got upset over a missed shot, and I had to pull him.) Our team did alright. I was pleased to watch MrG dribble down the middle of the field, keep ahead of a defender, and shoot a goal. A few other boys on our team… “Crasher”, the shortest one, ran over the goal twice, and, saved a goal by diving in front of the ball skidding chest first on the grass. Two of MrGs classmates are on the team, and together, they clown around. Separated, they did fine. “Sea-bass” kicked the ball over a scrum of players and then ran to kick in a goal. The other classmate, for the first half was standing in our goal. Not helping on offense…though in his mind, he pro’lly remembered we were scored against when he followed my instructions to move up field. In the second half he attacked. Son of assistant coach has the best technique, and is very quiet. The final player, very happy, always smiling, might be too nice because he doesn’t want to kick anyone. I had him kick my shin guards, to show it won’t hurt.

Me…Next time, I will take the advice from some of the parents, and from the coach-clinic I went to, “have a rotation order and stick with it.”
I also need to stay off the field.
And on my rotation chart, want to have check off so that hopefully each player can have a kick-off, a corner-kick, and a throw-in.

Maybe, soon, I’ll be brave enuff to ref a game.

Soccer game day

7 September, 2013

Following the tradition of attempting to do things I am unqualified for, I am coaching MrGrunty’s soccer team. MsSqueaky is also on a team. Today is their respective first official games.

Last night, MsS told me she doesn’t want to play in the game. I think she’s nervous because she went on to say “what if the other team gets a lot of points.” I told her she doesn’t have to play if she doesn’t want to. That mommy and papa love her very much and are very proud of her. That she does need to go to the game, wear her uniform and cheer for her team. And, that I think she will have fun if she’s in the game for a few minutes. She asked how long, and seemed to be relieved the game is only 40 minutes.

Last night, MrGrunty was worried about the other team getting more goals, and asking who’s the best on his team. I told him it doesn’t matter if the other team gets fifty points. And that I didn’t know who was the best on his team, but that they all are good at something.

Last night, MrCuddles helped me pick out a neck tie at the store. Wanting to pretend I’m a coach, I’m inspired to sorta dress like Sir Alex Ferguson, and will be wearing a suit jacket and have a tie that matches our team colors. ( Pro tip, if you need a bright neon lime green neck tie at 9:30 on a Friday night, Ross is the place to go. )


3 September, 2013

So, the last day of summer vacation for MsSqueaky and MrGrunty. Of course it was raining this morning. But, forcing myself to be brave, I looked at Autumn rains and said, “not today.”

We headed East, to Issaquah. I thought we were marking good time, being on the ExpressWays, but…we missed our exit. “Looks like an adventure,” My Brother-in-Law-R said, as we were in SoDo district. I was sad, wasting time, but MrCuddles shouted out, “trains!!!” The childrens were happy.

My plans were a hike at Pretzel Tree Trail, on Squak Mountain. With a name like that, can’t lose, plus it has an educational squirrel. (Actually, i wanted to go to Poo Poo Point, but not sure how much hiking we could do whilst giggling.) But we were running late, and I saw a sign. Quick detour for the old Rail Road museum in downtown Issaquah. (They were closed) but we looked at the train cars, and played on the playground before heading off to meet MyBetterHalf for lunch. I learned about rail making coal mining profitable back in the day.

After lunch, we went for a walk around the pond, saw a dead frog, the childrens claimed all over some amphitheater rocks, watched some tiny frogs hide from us, and were off to Pretzel Trail. Driving along, I mentioned how beautiful it was with all the trees, close fog topped mountains, farms, meadows, deer x-ing signs,…BiL-R said he didn’t like it, “you can’t see very far. Who knows what could be out there.”

It was (recommended) not to visit due to root rot.

So…back to city park. MrC mostly played with his uncle. I was pitcher for the first graders at batting practice. Once, MrC got hit in the shin with the (plastic) ball. I had warned him not to stand there. MrG of course had fun. MsS…well, she was psyching herself out, swinging a moment to late, being tense, ultra afraid of the ball, freaking out that people were watching her. For a while she got in the zone, and hit five in a row.

Well, back home…except. Something I wanted to do since I started driving to Spokane…(it’s been a while, since MyBetterHalf and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage last week. It was a great celebration, we had dinner. Then went to Target, without children, and moseyed through the store. It’s when I decided Target is the store of Hopeful Beginnings. Starting college, go to Target for stuff for your dorm room. Having a baby, go to Target to get what you need.)

Oh yeah…first, visited a fountain in a log, then sat in gazebo, wandered around replica Swiss chapel, (it was closed, too bad, I kinda wanted a little prayer for my childrens for school tomorrow), took photo with a sculpture of Jesus bearing the cross. Then, MsSqueaky asked, “papa, what’s that.” We went in. It was Boehm’s Candy Shop.

We finally picked some candy, and headed off to get MyBetterHalf. We had a few extra minutes to pick some blackberries at Pickering Farm.

Why yes, after today I am curious aboot the agricultural history of Issaquah.

And yes, we did listen to Casper Baby Pants for about three hours today. It’s still good.

End of June stories part 2

1 September, 2013

Vacation Bible School, I was lucky enough to join the events on two days.

Wednesday morning, we spent the morning in craft mode, making Thank You cards for the many folks around the church who help make it was it is. Then, we travelled to local community center to help with lunch program. There was a huge parachute to play with, I taught MsSqueaky and MrGrunty how to play UNO, and of course we played tag in the park. A fourth grade boy sort of adopted MrG and was playing a lot with him. MrG was loving it. MsS was playing lots with K-Bear.

Thursday, a trip to Discovery Park. We piled the boys in my car, and the girls were in Leena’s car. (Later, I heard it wasn’t fair that the girl car got to watch movies. And, I’m told by Leena I was lucky for that, because the girls were fighting over which movie to watch.)

Now I thought we would do a short easy hike to playground, hang
out and have lunch. It was a nice cool day for a hike, plenty of beautiful greenery, not many people. MrG was getting upset that the high school kids were getting further and further ahead of us. Luckily his 4th grade buddy stayed with the slow group of little kids. Then it started to drizzle, no worries, we’re Seattle. MrCuddles was “so tired, Papa carry me.” I told him we were almost there, and would vpcarry him for a minute, get him to walk for a minute. MsS and K-bear needed a bathroom break, and we found an outhouse. It started to rain. MrG was hungry, Leena gave us some snacks that we ate under a dripping tree. I asked how much further and found out we were halfway there, and the trail was a loop. I started to despair. Then, it started to really rain. Nothing to do but march on.

Right when we left the gloomy woods and entered a meadow the rain stopped. The clouds broke, the sun beat down on the tall wet grass. (Maybe a rainbow, too.) The feel of water evaporating warmed my face, the smell of clean wet grass encouraged me, cool and warm air currents from the warming of the meadow brought the scent of flowers. Then around a corner we had an overlook of glistening and beautiful Puget Sound. Yes, I had two perfect nature days in June.

We refueled on oranges that Leena brought, and me, in much better spirits continued our hike.

At the picnic site we ate, and played. The teens just kept to themselves. The Tweens played with the younger kids.
I basically just watched.

There was a little zip line, I helped with that, my childrens would only go on it if I was with them. The tween girls piled three on with lots of giggling. MrCuddles was playing “mom&mom&baby” or “puppies” with MsS and K-Bear. MrG was playing soccer with his 4th grade friend.

It was a great day. Beautiful weather, I watched my childrens having fun with friends, I learned my childrens are a lot tougher than I thought.