End of June stories part 2

Vacation Bible School, I was lucky enough to join the events on two days.

Wednesday morning, we spent the morning in craft mode, making Thank You cards for the many folks around the church who help make it was it is. Then, we travelled to local community center to help with lunch program. There was a huge parachute to play with, I taught MsSqueaky and MrGrunty how to play UNO, and of course we played tag in the park. A fourth grade boy sort of adopted MrG and was playing a lot with him. MrG was loving it. MsS was playing lots with K-Bear.

Thursday, a trip to Discovery Park. We piled the boys in my car, and the girls were in Leena’s car. (Later, I heard it wasn’t fair that the girl car got to watch movies. And, I’m told by Leena I was lucky for that, because the girls were fighting over which movie to watch.)

Now I thought we would do a short easy hike to playground, hang
out and have lunch. It was a nice cool day for a hike, plenty of beautiful greenery, not many people. MrG was getting upset that the high school kids were getting further and further ahead of us. Luckily his 4th grade buddy stayed with the slow group of little kids. Then it started to drizzle, no worries, we’re Seattle. MrCuddles was “so tired, Papa carry me.” I told him we were almost there, and would vpcarry him for a minute, get him to walk for a minute. MsS and K-bear needed a bathroom break, and we found an outhouse. It started to rain. MrG was hungry, Leena gave us some snacks that we ate under a dripping tree. I asked how much further and found out we were halfway there, and the trail was a loop. I started to despair. Then, it started to really rain. Nothing to do but march on.

Right when we left the gloomy woods and entered a meadow the rain stopped. The clouds broke, the sun beat down on the tall wet grass. (Maybe a rainbow, too.) The feel of water evaporating warmed my face, the smell of clean wet grass encouraged me, cool and warm air currents from the warming of the meadow brought the scent of flowers. Then around a corner we had an overlook of glistening and beautiful Puget Sound. Yes, I had two perfect nature days in June.

We refueled on oranges that Leena brought, and me, in much better spirits continued our hike.

At the picnic site we ate, and played. The teens just kept to themselves. The Tweens played with the younger kids.
I basically just watched.

There was a little zip line, I helped with that, my childrens would only go on it if I was with them. The tween girls piled three on with lots of giggling. MrCuddles was playing “mom&mom&baby” or “puppies” with MsS and K-Bear. MrG was playing soccer with his 4th grade friend.

It was a great day. Beautiful weather, I watched my childrens having fun with friends, I learned my childrens are a lot tougher than I thought.


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