So, the last day of summer vacation for MsSqueaky and MrGrunty. Of course it was raining this morning. But, forcing myself to be brave, I looked at Autumn rains and said, “not today.”

We headed East, to Issaquah. I thought we were marking good time, being on the ExpressWays, but…we missed our exit. “Looks like an adventure,” My Brother-in-Law-R said, as we were in SoDo district. I was sad, wasting time, but MrCuddles shouted out, “trains!!!” The childrens were happy.

My plans were a hike at Pretzel Tree Trail, on Squak Mountain. With a name like that, can’t lose, plus it has an educational squirrel. (Actually, i wanted to go to Poo Poo Point, but not sure how much hiking we could do whilst giggling.) But we were running late, and I saw a sign. Quick detour for the old Rail Road museum in downtown Issaquah. (They were closed) but we looked at the train cars, and played on the playground before heading off to meet MyBetterHalf for lunch. I learned about rail making coal mining profitable back in the day.

After lunch, we went for a walk around the pond, saw a dead frog, the childrens claimed all over some amphitheater rocks, watched some tiny frogs hide from us, and were off to Pretzel Trail. Driving along, I mentioned how beautiful it was with all the trees, close fog topped mountains, farms, meadows, deer x-ing signs,…BiL-R said he didn’t like it, “you can’t see very far. Who knows what could be out there.”

It was (recommended) not to visit due to root rot.

So…back to city park. MrC mostly played with his uncle. I was pitcher for the first graders at batting practice. Once, MrC got hit in the shin with the (plastic) ball. I had warned him not to stand there. MrG of course had fun. MsS…well, she was psyching herself out, swinging a moment to late, being tense, ultra afraid of the ball, freaking out that people were watching her. For a while she got in the zone, and hit five in a row.

Well, back home…except. Something I wanted to do since I started driving to Spokane…(it’s been a while, since MyBetterHalf and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage last week. It was a great celebration, we had dinner. Then went to Target, without children, and moseyed through the store. It’s when I decided Target is the store of Hopeful Beginnings. Starting college, go to Target for stuff for your dorm room. Having a baby, go to Target to get what you need.)

Oh yeah…first, visited a fountain in a log, then sat in gazebo, wandered around replica Swiss chapel, (it was closed, too bad, I kinda wanted a little prayer for my childrens for school tomorrow), took photo with a sculpture of Jesus bearing the cross. Then, MsSqueaky asked, “papa, what’s that.” We went in. It was Boehm’s Candy Shop.

We finally picked some candy, and headed off to get MyBetterHalf. We had a few extra minutes to pick some blackberries at Pickering Farm.

Why yes, after today I am curious aboot the agricultural history of Issaquah.

And yes, we did listen to Casper Baby Pants for about three hours today. It’s still good.


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