Soccer game day part 2

Mud, sweat, and tears. OK, not that much mud.

We showed up early so I could watch and learn what actually happens in a soccer game. ( did I mention I’m not qualified to coach? )

Begore her game, MsSqueaky threw a fit because her shoes and socks got wet. (Welcome to soccer, kid.) That and her last night, I was starting to think the worst…but, when her friends got there, she ran over to them and was chatting and happy. Her coach was talking to them, getting them pumped up. She wasn’t in first rotation, so was sitting on side with friends, joking, talking ignoring the game. But, when she took the field, oh my goodness, my beautiful little girl was running after the ball, hustling on defense, looking around keeping aware of the field. Once she got the ball, and dribbled along the side line, halfway down the field, not going out. I didn’t know she could do that! When she was called out, I had tears in my eyes, and she jogged over to me, hugged me, and then she started crying. I picked her up, hugging her so she wouldn’t see my tears, held her close and said I’m very proud of her, and she was doing very good. I offered my special lime-green “coach’s tear collector jacket handkerchief”. She wiped her tears, and was good the rest of the game.

My Assistant Coach, who actually knows soccer, was having our team take some practice shots on the goal. I handed out our team jerseys, met with the other coach, and impressed all the parents by wearing a black suit jacket, which was accessorized with the lime green hankie, neck tie, belt, and baseball cap. (It got hot) The game was chaotic. I wanted three in for five minutes, then next three in…but between, falls, bumps, untied shoes, tired, and meltdowns,…it seems I had a different kid that needed to be subbed out every minute. (MrG got upset over a missed shot, and I had to pull him.) Our team did alright. I was pleased to watch MrG dribble down the middle of the field, keep ahead of a defender, and shoot a goal. A few other boys on our team… “Crasher”, the shortest one, ran over the goal twice, and, saved a goal by diving in front of the ball skidding chest first on the grass. Two of MrGs classmates are on the team, and together, they clown around. Separated, they did fine. “Sea-bass” kicked the ball over a scrum of players and then ran to kick in a goal. The other classmate, for the first half was standing in our goal. Not helping on offense…though in his mind, he pro’lly remembered we were scored against when he followed my instructions to move up field. In the second half he attacked. Son of assistant coach has the best technique, and is very quiet. The final player, very happy, always smiling, might be too nice because he doesn’t want to kick anyone. I had him kick my shin guards, to show it won’t hurt.

Me…Next time, I will take the advice from some of the parents, and from the coach-clinic I went to, “have a rotation order and stick with it.”
I also need to stay off the field.
And on my rotation chart, want to have check off so that hopefully each player can have a kick-off, a corner-kick, and a throw-in.

Maybe, soon, I’ll be brave enuff to ref a game.


One Response to “Soccer game day part 2”

  1. :-jon Says:

    Oh yeah, did I mention that MrG was crying because his sister’s team was losing?

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