Finally, I purchased tickets to go see the Seattle Storm.

I gotta say, I just love the community and the theatrics of it. The arena goes dark, the fans are on their feet and clapping in time, the players run out under the spotlight. Very exciting, very fun.

We had seats close to the court, but behind the basket.

Me and MrGrunty went to the first game. I love watching him, he’s so cute, he gets so absorbed in it. He was amused when I was screaming “Go Storm!” At first, they were winning, but then they got behind, and he started getting upset. Luckily, they won.

I took MsSqueaky to the next game. We had extra time so had dinner downtown, and rode the monorail there. MsS seemed to like it at first, but then wanted snacks, then wanted to wander around, and we ended up leaving during the third quarter. Getting home was horrible. There was a Seahawks game, the buses were late, and packed and thus passed us by. I felt like a sci-fi refugee in the tunnel, a tired girl in my arms, stuck in the middle of a crowd.

Side note…we went as a family to see the Aquasox. Nice day, cheap game. After MsS and MrCuddles ate their lunch, they wanted to go play. So, off to the grass field behind the stadium…they played school they were the teachers I was the student. They pretended they were in a bounce house. I read my book.

So…instead of WNBA game, I had a papa & child day with MrCuddles. We went downtown, wandered around, got some dinner, wandered some more, got some fro-yo, and went home. He thought the best part was when I made a mistake and we were on the wrong side of the tunnel for our bus stop. He was still laughing aboot that the next day.

Last night, me and MyBetterHalf went to the Storm game. They lost. Badly. All I remember was the Lynx making the extra pass and getting the easy layup. Time, and time again.


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