End of June stories part 3

Friday, we met up with some friends at the park, shared picnic lunch, and played baseball, soccer. As luck would have it, only girls from MrG’s class showed up, ( so later MsS was complaining no one from her class showed up, and MrG complained no boys showed up.) Leena and her girl were gonna join us, however, her eldest, “tween-E” had to go to the emergency room! We went and picked up K-Bear, so she wouldn’t be bored at hospital. MsS and MrC were thrilled. They played “working”, where they spread blankets on the lawn, had a dozen dolls and stuffed animals, and were writing in their activity and coloring books. Then, one would get up, announce, “OK, mom (or dad), I’m going to work now.” Later, the childrens played in the sprinkler. And eventually they all went to sleep.

Tween-E was released at midnight, and was fine the next morning. She and MrG were playing catch on the front lawn.


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