Our pastor is leading a series on prayer methods and styles.

Recently, she mentioned a writer who says there are only three types of prayer

  • Help
  • Thanks
  • Wow

been mulling that over, and would add “I’m sorry I messed up again” but I suspect that could be under “help”.

A recent session was on short prayers. Sort of a mantra, repeated many times each day, “Jesus Christ, Son of God, save me.” Which has Gospel precedent, many lepers, blind, sick and hurting people called that out to Jesus. I have been trying to incorporate that into my life. Short prayers, often.

Before the sermon Leena gave a kids sermon that said it’s OK to do a fast prayer. (It was very eloquent, and perfect for kids and for me.)

A good friend mentioned that kids are naturals at prayer. Sometimes…no…often I worry I am not being a good example in prayer, or teaching my children how to pray. Things get rushed, you get busy,…I guess that is the good thing about a seven word prayer.

The other night, MrCuddles was handing me books, and giving each a phrase from The Lord’s Prayer as the title, “thy kingdom come…. Thine Is The Power”

MsSqueaky has basic dinner prayer of “thank you God for God And Jesus, and for our family and for all the people”

MrGrunty, recently was sick, we said prayers for him, and even offered his name for prayers at church worship, (MsS smiled when I did that, when we told him later, MrG gave a grin). When I thought he was mostly better I didn’t mention him sick in our bedtime prayer. He chastised me for that.



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