Veterans Day

Me and the childrens went off to Seattle Center to meet a friend at the Children’s Museum. We lucked out catching a bus, and even better luck getting the front seat on the Monorail. MsSqueaky was thrilled to have her friend there. MrCuddles totally enjoyed the activities. MrGrunty proclaimed his boredom several times. After lunch, we hung in the out at the big fountain…me and MrG even got brave and touched it while it was momentarily off. (Cute/sad story, MrCuddles slipped on wet cement, and did his usual, “See! That’s why I don’t like the sidewalk here!”) Then, we went to Pike Place Market, got some apples, raspberries, and a Texas sized donut.


So, there is this new program, “Watch Dogs” where basically they are trying to get men to volunteer in schools. Last year, MsS and MrG begged me. Monday, I was a WatchDog for MrG’s class. Quick photo with my childrens, then a school tour, then into MrG’s class. They were reading a story, I just watched. The teacher would move along, quick gentle reminders to students that were starting to stray to stay on task or behave properly, or a quick question to the class on elements in the story future or past. When they were doing there worksheets I wandered around, trying to help give encouragement.

Recesses… I played ball with MrG and his friends. Basketball for morning and lunch, Monkey-in-the-middle for afternoon recess. (I also spent a few minutes with MsS at lunch, she was on the bars, practicing flips with her friends.) I am happy to say, MrG can dribble better than me. Srsly.

Lunch, I ate with MrG, and got several smiling wavings from MsS. One of his friends, who I assume is Japanese had the cutest little collection of dishes containing Japanese cuisine. Sure made me feel bad packing jelly sandwiches for my kids. ( no, there is not peanut butter in their lunches. After they discovered a classmate has peanut allergies, they told me they don’t like peanut butter. Except when I smear it on bits of banana for breakfast, they like that. I wonder what MrCuddles will decide he doesn’t like when his social group expands at kindergarten.)

There was a point in the afternoon, where my assigned duty was vague. I checked with office ladies, and they said. “Take a break… Be a positive presence.” Luckily I ran into MrG’s teacher, and she gave me a paper cutting project.


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