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16 December, 2013

MrCuddles…still a night owl. Often, he’ll be awake at 10 PM, he’s grumpy in the mornings.

He loves our cats, and will chase them to pet them. He’ll still get scratched from time to time, because of putting his face is sleeping Oliver-kitty’s face. Then he’ll yell to put Oliver in time out.

He enjoys playing with his sister. One of his favorite games is “mom and Hanna” and he pretends to be Hanna, one of MsSqueaky’s best friends.


Being a boy

15 December, 2013

MrGrunty told me tonight, “I’m not an art person.” It makes me sad, that at so young he’s decided that. We were reading Dangerous Book For Boys, and there was a chapter on marbling paper.  A few minutes before I was reading “Dangerous Book for Girls” with MsSqueaky. We read the “How to change a flat tire” chapter,  MrG wanted nothing to do with it, because it was in a book for girls.

He doesn’t care for Church, mostly because there are few boys for him to play with. Recently, after worship and Bible class he and I have been playing catch, and that quickly turns into a game we call “fruit salad”when some of the older girls ( third through seventh grade ) join us. We are using toy plastic apples, tomatoes, oranges to throw, and have many of them flying in the air at the same time. He really enjoys “fruit salad”.

I’m told last Friday at basketball scrimmage he missed, got his own rebound, and then got the basket off the second attempt.

He told me tonight he wants to play chess. He was impressed when I told him I was the third best at chess in my school in 9th grade. I also told him about Cham, who always beat me. (I wonder what he’s up to. He spoke two SE Asian languages, and sometimes would help translate as his part time job. At school, he also was studying French. I was always impressed by him.)

Sunday afternoons MrG and MyBetterHalf snuggle up on the sofa and watch the Seahawks. Even if they know the final score, they’ll still watch the entire game.

Yesterday, he and I were playing basketball in his room, and he shot, it bounced off the rim, and then landed in the laundry basket. We laughed lots.

Last night we went to a party, and he and MrCuddles and I played UNO. I was happy with MrG’s maturity when the cards didn’t exactly go his way. And MrC was doing good following the rules, and even won a round.

This morning, he and MsSqueaky were sitting on the sofa, comparing how cold their feet were. She started to tickle him, he replied laughing, “you’re not tickling me, I just think it’s funny you are trying to tickle me.”


Coaching basketball

15 December, 2013

I am able to be an assistant coach on MsSqueaky’s basketball team. There is a wide range in talent. The coach’s daughter, also first grade, can dribble and shoot better than me. A few of the girls can’t throw the ball to basket height, or dribble more than thrice without losing the ball. Much like a classroom, a wide variety in skill levels.



8 December, 2013

Slept in.

We went to YMCA for childrens’s swim lessons. Yes, MrCuddles can fit in a locker, shut the door, and let himself out.

Chores. The childrens don’t like…we didn’t ask. They did alright, when we were with them, doing chores side by side. I guess it’s aboot learning.

They watched a movie. I made banana bread, and also curry.

we played hide and seek

I also finished two books.