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Band wagon

31 January, 2014

I guess I do care a bit who wins the SuperBowl. It’s been kinda weird here in Seattle, lots of folks wearing blue on Fridays, ( …hehe, even I put on a blue shirt and found a green tie to wear today.) “Go ‘hawks!” is a common salutation. Even the hospital cafeteria has gotten in on it with “Marshon Lynch inspired ‘Beast Mode Burger'” (Double burger with bacon and onion rings, served with a side of Skittles) and a “Richard Sherman inspired ‘You Mad Dog’ (hot dog topped with chili and Mac&Cheese).

I’m reminded of how we humans are terrible at picking talent. For NFL draft we have tons of tape of these guys performing the job we want them to do, we test them in combine, we have actual statistics for their past performance, and yet we still get it wrong. Russell Wilson picked in the third round.

I’m amazed at how tiny little variations can make huge differences. For instance had the football been a few more inches further, Crabtree would have had a touchdown, no one would talk about how “classless” Mr Richard Sherman is, and 49ers in the SuperBowl.

It’s silly. It’s fun. It’s our modern community ritual.

Go Seahawks, beat the Broncos!


After school conference

30 January, 2014

Today, I picked up the childrens from school. Had a chance to chat with the after school “teacher” at Penny’sPlaycare. I joked we should have a parent teacher conference with her, because she sees our kids 10+ hours a week, in a setting of kindergarten through sixth grade kids. She laughed, saying she just sees social. I said that’s important. She said she likes watching the kids grow, and MrGrunty and MsSqueaky are doing fine. MrG is getting more independent and assertive, she said she felt he was leaning on his sister too much last year, and was very shy to ask Penny anything. We chatted with MsS, and were told that there are chaperones to get her to after school clubs, and then to Playcare. Penny said that MsS is doing fine, and can find a craft or project or play with a friend.

When I picked up MrCuddles, he was laying on the floor, very sad. “Are you in trouble?”  No, he was sad his friends had left before him.

( I also wish we could have parent teacher conference with music teacher and PE teacher. )


29 January, 2014

I’ve picked up a few Lee J. Ames  “Draw 50” books. So past few mornings, MsSqueaky has wanted to draw with me as soon as she wakes. MrGrunty has joined us a couple of times, but gets very frustrated.

I’m trying to encourage both of them to join another after-school club’ in addition to Spanish club. There’s chess, science, art clubs. MsS is nervous about it, and doesn’t want to because she doesn’t know where to go. I told her her teachers will help her get to where she needs to be.  MrG might do chess. i think it would be good if they did a different club from each other, but tell them it’s OK if you do the same, or different, each club will be fun.


28 January, 2014



I did have MsSqueaky’s basketball practice tonight.


Favorite animals

27 January, 2014

My favorite animal of the now is the orangutan. Just checked out five books, two for early readers, one for middle school, and two for adults.

MrGrunty’s favorite animal is a tiger.

MyBetterHalf’s is the bear.

MsSqueaky chose kittens.

MrCuddles asked, “what does Seahawks start with?…guess…it starts with a ‘S’.”

When to yell

26 January, 2014

I asked my childrens, “when is OK to yell?”  We made it into a game, each would tell me, while the other two waited outside the room. I wanted to see if they had the same ideas.

MsSqueaky said

  • When somebody is hurt
  • when you get pushed
  • when you need a parent, but they aren’t home ( FYI…to the best of my knowledge this has never occurred )

MrGrunty said

  • When somebody is doing something wrong
  • at a park, and somebody is far away
  • when somebody says stop, and the other person doesn’t stop, and you say stop again and they don’t stop then you can yell

MrCuddles said

  • …because if they yell, what can they do??? They just have to go to time out.
  • if there are no people down here, and there might be a monster, then the fire truck will have to come and kill that monster.

myBetterHalf returned from book club and added “when the Seahawks win the SuperBowl”

Basketball games #3

25 January, 2014

My parenting thing today…MrGrunty was complaint aboot learning Spanish. I told him there are a lot of NBA players who speak Spanish, Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Manu Ginoboli…he seemed more curious about other Spanish speaking players.

MrG had the first game…his team started off poorly, but they made adjustments and seemed even by the end of the game. The ball wouldn’t drop for MrG, after the game he was made at the rim…and he may have had a point! He had some rebounds, he brought the ball up the floor a couple times, he stay close to who he was defending. He was upset at the end when he got crashed into and he remembered the other team seemed to score more.

MsSqueaky was practicing a lot today, dribbling, catching against wall, catching with me, catch with a friend, shooting when the court was open. But it may have been too much…she was a bit bored during the second half and not paying attention. For a bit she was matched up to guard a girl that was a head taller than her, and I thought she did alright. ( second half, our girls were refusing to guard “the tall girl” !).   There was a time when the girl MsS was to guard started following MsS, when MsS was on defense.

This morning MyBetterHalf took MrCuddles to “kinderfest” to get ready to register for kindergarten. We hope he’ll have same teacher MsS had.

Kids Nite

24 January, 2014

Kid’s Night tonight at Church, and somehow I talked my way into the planning committee and they took my brain storming seriously !

Start with prayer, DFF asked everyone if they have a traditional prayer. I admitted ours was normally short. And during dessert.

Then, fort building. There was bunch of stuff, and blankets, and furniture.  My childrens were getting upset at it not working out, but I helped build 1st grade girls and boys forts.

Then, lighting candles. (“Because that is a life skill.”)  I asked about the properties of a candle, we sang the old youth rally favorite “it only takes a spark” ( need more singing in my childrens lives).

Then, we played “find the intern”. Our intern hid, lights out, while the kids were in hallway, and would go in as teams with flashlights to try and find the intern.

Then, pretend to go to sleep in their forts.

Then, in the “morning” when lights turned on, a snowball (white socks) fight.

Then they ran around and played for an hour whilst parents chatted.


The Pilgrim’s Prayer

23 January, 2014

This summer our Pastor did a series based on the book “Kneeling With Giants”  by Gary Hansen.

Recently, I’ve been using “the Pilgrim’s Prayer” a lot.

“Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me.”

I find it useful when my mind starts to wander to replaying what-ifs, trudging over past mistakes.


Student conferences

22 January, 2014

MyBetterHalf and I went to  parent teacher conferences Monday. I’m always nervous aboot those things.

MrGrunty is volunteering to help sometimes in the special needs room. yay! Teacher says “I think he might be afraid he’ll miss something fun in our class, but I tell him I save the super fun stuff for when everybody is here”  He appears to be having fun with other kids, is a good citizen and worker, needs to work on his spelling.

MsSqueaky…on her self evaluation graded herself much tougher than teacher did, she is quiet in class ( teacher can hear her at recess! ),  has had big improvement on testing because of way less test anxiety.