Coaching basketball


So…Tonight I was assistant coach for MsSqueaky’s basketball team at the YMCA. Above are my coaching-cards.

First though, let me brag. during scrimmage, MsSqueaky was on defense, otherteam shot, missed. Coach’s daughter grabbed the rebound and MsS took off running towards their basket, ready for the outlet pass to start the fast break!

Coaching Cards, a recommendation from Hillwood Soccer, so that you have a plan for practice. (“But, don’t worry if you have to ignore it” they warn.) Using Hillwood and WA State Youth Soccer as guide, I wanted the girls to touch the ball as often as possible, keep them active (no standing around in line), keep it fun, have a lot of activities (so don’t get bored), activities build on each other start with easy, make challenges.

We split up the team tonight, head coach had the more experienced player, I had the “JV” group.

“Dribble Train” is follow the leader while dribbling. I was calling out “woo-woo” and when I wanted to stop the drill yelled “some one stop this crazy train”

“Dribble Count Down” I had them spread pairs of cones out, where ever they wanted, then how many pairs could they dribble through in a minute.

“Dribble tag”.  Everyone has ball, must dribble. Coach is “it” and when tags player, that player gives up ball and then is it.

“Water”. Yes, a card to remind me to give the girls a water break.

“Passing Count Down” how many passes can a pair make in a minute.  I had a girl who said she was afraid to catch. I was a few inches from her and we played catch. Then we moved a foot away from each other. I wish I had more time to spend one on one. (Just like school, a wide range of abilities and experience.)

“Dribble & Pass” a pair has to pass between those random cones, race against the clock.

“Shooting”.  I had them dribbling when they were in line, “I want you to dribble all the time, I want you to dream about dribbling” I called out to them.

Scrimmage. Wow, I don’t envy the refs job. We have a couple girls that can shoot, I saw a couple of passes, I saw teammates crash and trip each other, I saw lots of traveling, we have a few girls that can’t shoot over five feet  ( the basket is at seven ).


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