Basketball homework

Why yes, I did assign the girls basketball team homework.

“Play catch with someone bigger than you every day. 100 catches, every day.”
They were amused by this.
(Note, MsSqueaky wanted to do her basketball homework right away when we got home from practice. And again tonight.)
This is mainly to get the girls comfortable with catching, especially the ones that are afraid. To get the parents involved. Much like orchestra, practice your individual parts at home, then put it together as a group at rehearsal.

Basketball is tough to practice. To practice basketball you need a place to dribble, which in winter time, is usually a gym. You need a hoop to shoot. Gym. Most kids don’t have easy access to those during the winter.

Soccer…well, I’m willing to say there is more square feet of soccer area in town than basketball courts. Most houses have a yard, a basketball hoop is extra. There are two parks near my house, one has offical soccer field, other has big field. Neither has a hoop. (Although, they do have walking trails, that are flat-ish, maybe I’ll take my kids there and make them dribble laps.) The local elementary school has an outdoor basketball court. And an official soccer field.

Cold. You need finger tips for dribbling, catching & shooting a basketball, so no gloves. Soccer…you can cover your feet in socks and shoes.

Yup, geographic implications of sports practice.



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