Evil company

So, in Game Of Thrones, the Night’s Watch has Crastor, an evil man who marries his daughters and sacrifices his sons, as an ally.  Roc Snow is deeply bothered by this, but is told that sometimes you have to associate with evil to keep people safe. And, in WW2, we were allies with Stalin.

Currently, BasketballHall of Famer Dennis Rodman is on a crazy good will tour with the evil dictator Kim Jong-Un. Calling Kim his friend, giving Kim gifts, being nice to an evil man. I personally hoped that Rodman would quickly break Kim’s neck, to give the people of North Korea a chance of hope for a better future.

The best I can hope for is that a few people in North Korea will notice how well fed Mr Rodman and friends are. To notice Mr Rodman’s individuality and personality. To start to think, maybe things can be different.

My other dream, is that the leaders of China and USA sit down, and discuss how to quickly kill Kim and incapacitate his military. I’m willing to support humanitarian aid to North Korea, and China can be in control.

I’m still curious at the thought process for rebuilding Seoul, just a few miles from the DMZ of a country that you are still at war with. What were they thinking?



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