Second basketball games

MrGrunty’s team went first today. This game was a lot closer. MrG had a couple passes picked off, made a couple good passes, made a couple baskets, got a rebound. He was not as alert on defense today. In fact the whole team was kinda lack on D, coach kept telling them “get your hands up!” And I don’t think anyone went to the floor hustling for the ball. MrG didn’t guard his guy as close, and also wasn’t actively running around trying to lose his guy when on offense. When he made a basket, he would glance at me, I was pointing and smiling at clapping at him, but he kept his game face. On the bench he was smiling and talking with teammates. When he saw me across the court I gave him a thumbs up, and he had a little grin. My favorite play, MrG dribbled up the court, went to right corner, got ready to shoot, his coach stepped closer towards me, MrG released the shot, coach not looking at me said, “that’s money” and stepped away as the ball went in the basket.

MsSqueaky’s game. There were only seven girls, so lots of playing time. It was a high scoring game. (Maybe we did lower the baskets too low!)  The team was strong on defense, hands up, there were blocked shots, girls going to the floor and hustling for loose balls and rebounds. When they were on defense, MsSqueaky was sprinting back to her side of the court. She did some nice dribbling up the court, had a couple shots, had a couple passes, stayed focussed and stuck with the girl she was guarding. When I asked her favorite part, that her friend from school got a lot of baskets.

Tonight, a party at Chuck E Cheese for five year old friend from pre-school. MrCuddles had fun doing a racing game (I had to push the gas, his legs didn’t reach), and was trying to learn mechanics of a bowling game ( he really wanted to throw over hand).

(And more bragging… Both MsS and MrG significantly improved each time they played the pop-a-shot basketball game)



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