Math and the childrens

MrGrunty recently announced, “I’m good at math. I don’t like math, but I’m good at it.”

MrCuddles told me ” I don’t want to go to kindergarten, because I don’t like math.”

MsSqueaky, when tired and getting upset over a math worksheet I made, “this is second grade math! This is too hard!” And ripped up the paper.

….me, I like math, but I’m no good at it. Prolly cuz I’m lazy. Yes, I’m like a person with two left feet who likes ballet.

…so, tonight at dinner table we discuses everyone’s favorite part of the day:

  • MyBetterHalf like re-living the Seahawk’s victory via videos
  • MrGrunty, playing basketball at the school with me
  • MrCuddles, bus ride with me
  • MsSqueaky, the bars at the park


  • me…three things…I had my arms raised up, and MrG shot over me and got the basket
  • MsSqeaky being a dribble monster and keeping the soccer ball from me
  • relasing hanging out bus ride with MrCuddles

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