Kids Nite

Kid’s Night tonight at Church, and somehow I talked my way into the planning committee and they took my brain storming seriously !

Start with prayer, DFF asked everyone if they have a traditional prayer. I admitted ours was normally short. And during dessert.

Then, fort building. There was bunch of stuff, and blankets, and furniture.  My childrens were getting upset at it not working out, but I helped build 1st grade girls and boys forts.

Then, lighting candles. (“Because that is a life skill.”)  I asked about the properties of a candle, we sang the old youth rally favorite “it only takes a spark” ( need more singing in my childrens lives).

Then, we played “find the intern”. Our intern hid, lights out, while the kids were in hallway, and would go in as teams with flashlights to try and find the intern.

Then, pretend to go to sleep in their forts.

Then, in the “morning” when lights turned on, a snowball (white socks) fight.

Then they ran around and played for an hour whilst parents chatted.



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