Basketball games #3

My parenting thing today…MrGrunty was complaint aboot learning Spanish. I told him there are a lot of NBA players who speak Spanish, Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Manu Ginoboli…he seemed more curious about other Spanish speaking players.

MrG had the first game…his team started off poorly, but they made adjustments and seemed even by the end of the game. The ball wouldn’t drop for MrG, after the game he was made at the rim…and he may have had a point! He had some rebounds, he brought the ball up the floor a couple times, he stay close to who he was defending. He was upset at the end when he got crashed into and he remembered the other team seemed to score more.

MsSqueaky was practicing a lot today, dribbling, catching against wall, catching with me, catch with a friend, shooting when the court was open. But it may have been too much…she was a bit bored during the second half and not paying attention. For a bit she was matched up to guard a girl that was a head taller than her, and I thought she did alright. ( second half, our girls were refusing to guard “the tall girl” !).   There was a time when the girl MsS was to guard started following MsS, when MsS was on defense.

This morning MyBetterHalf took MrCuddles to “kinderfest” to get ready to register for kindergarten. We hope he’ll have same teacher MsS had.


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