When to yell

I asked my childrens, “when is OK to yell?”  We made it into a game, each would tell me, while the other two waited outside the room. I wanted to see if they had the same ideas.

MsSqueaky said

  • When somebody is hurt
  • when you get pushed
  • when you need a parent, but they aren’t home ( FYI…to the best of my knowledge this has never occurred )

MrGrunty said

  • When somebody is doing something wrong
  • at a park, and somebody is far away
  • when somebody says stop, and the other person doesn’t stop, and you say stop again and they don’t stop then you can yell

MrCuddles said

  • …because if they yell, what can they do??? They just have to go to time out.
  • if there are no people down here, and there might be a monster, then the fire truck will have to come and kill that monster.

myBetterHalf returned from book club and added “when the Seahawks win the SuperBowl”



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