After school conference

Today, I picked up the childrens from school. Had a chance to chat with the after school “teacher” at Penny’sPlaycare. I joked we should have a parent teacher conference with her, because she sees our kids 10+ hours a week, in a setting of kindergarten through sixth grade kids. She laughed, saying she just sees social. I said that’s important. She said she likes watching the kids grow, and MrGrunty and MsSqueaky are doing fine. MrG is getting more independent and assertive, she said she felt he was leaning on his sister too much last year, and was very shy to ask Penny anything. We chatted with MsS, and were told that there are chaperones to get her to after school clubs, and then to Playcare. Penny said that MsS is doing fine, and can find a craft or project or play with a friend.

When I picked up MrCuddles, he was laying on the floor, very sad. “Are you in trouble?”  No, he was sad his friends had left before him.

( I also wish we could have parent teacher conference with music teacher and PE teacher. )



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