Band wagon

I guess I do care a bit who wins the SuperBowl. It’s been kinda weird here in Seattle, lots of folks wearing blue on Fridays, ( …hehe, even I put on a blue shirt and found a green tie to wear today.) “Go ‘hawks!” is a common salutation. Even the hospital cafeteria has gotten in on it with “Marshon Lynch inspired ‘Beast Mode Burger'” (Double burger with bacon and onion rings, served with a side of Skittles) and a “Richard Sherman inspired ‘You Mad Dog’ (hot dog topped with chili and Mac&Cheese).

I’m reminded of how we humans are terrible at picking talent. For NFL draft we have tons of tape of these guys performing the job we want them to do, we test them in combine, we have actual statistics for their past performance, and yet we still get it wrong. Russell Wilson picked in the third round.

I’m amazed at how tiny little variations can make huge differences. For instance had the football been a few more inches further, Crabtree would have had a touchdown, no one would talk about how “classless” Mr Richard Sherman is, and 49ers in the SuperBowl.

It’s silly. It’s fun. It’s our modern community ritual.

Go Seahawks, beat the Broncos!



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