MsSqueaky and MrGrunty put on a show, playing on a kids electronic drum, and blowing a plastic horn. Me and MyBetterHalf danced.

MyBetterHalf and MrGrunty re-watched the SuperBowl.

MrGrunty played a game with his parents, “now it’s my turn.” Where you try to say a word or phrase that will make the other person laugh. He got his mommy to laugh by saying “pivot!” (I gave him the hint.) MyBetterHalf got me to giggle by saying, “the Knicks are going all the way!” I got MrG to laugh by saying “Willy Wonka”. (MsS was ignoring us, and reading Capt. underpants.). This started yesterday, I took MrG to park to play basketball because I knew he would be glued to the TV. He was dribbling, I said, “I’m gonna stick to you like oatmeal on a spoon. Like chocolate on a chip.” He lost control of the ball. And went to his knees laughing hysterically about ‘chocolate on a chip’. Later he said he doesn’t like laughing that it’s wasting our time. I told him that laughing with him is one of my favorite things.


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