Sleep over

Last Saturday, MrGrunty had a friend from school sleep over on Saturday night. He’s been jealous since MsSqueaky has had K-from-church spend the night.

We made pizza, we made cookies. MrG and friend were practicing tackling, I told them to make sure they tackle in safely, they set the room/mattresses/pillows accordingly. MsS was getting jealous’ and a couple of times, frustrated, she just sat down in the area they were playing. I had to put her in time-out. I explained to her, you can play with the boys if you want, but you can’t just be in their way. Later, all four kids played hide-n-seek.

We got them to bed early, and I told MrG and friend, “you need to stay in your beds, and you need to talk quietly. Since it’s a sleepover, here, you each get two flashlights” and left.

They were quiet, well, at least I couldn’t hear them over MrCuddles screaming aboot not being sleepy.


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