When I got home, MrGrunty and MyBetterHalf were watching highlights of Super Bowl, with players voices.

MrCuddles and MsSqueaky were playing in her room. I got a bite to eat…and then heard them screaming. MrC came out of the room, tears streaming down his cheeks, “Squeaky yelled at me. Go put her in time out.” I held him, got him to calm down, we talked about how it’s not nice to be yelled at, talked about when it’s OK to yell. MsS entered, “I told him to stop, and he didn’t, and then Cuddles threw the pencils.” We talked about when it’s OK to throw. Then MsS and I played a bit of catch with a Super Bowl football. She told me they played a fun math game at her school, taught it to me, and we played it for a bit.

Later, MrG and I played a new game. We lay on floor, bounce a small rubber ball against the wall, and the other person tries to catch it. It was very difficult for us, so we laughed lots.


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